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Does a heater make a portable loose suction?

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  • Does a heater make a portable loose suction?

    QUESTION(S): Does the Mytee M-3 lose vac power because of the heater? Is there any price points for a break on shipping?

    ANSWER: Heat does not affect vacuum performance in any way at all. What heat will do is usually double your cleaning performance and usually double you electrical requirements to operate the machine. I use the word "usually" because some heaters do not use any electricity at all to heat the water (Example: Black Max ambient heat and Goliath exhaust heater.) The M-3 has been manufactured in two different formats. One model used two separate 1000 watt heaters (one heater on each power cord) and the other model was designed with dual 800 watt heaters (one heater on each power cord). On each model the water flows out from the first heater and then into the second heater, and then right out the machine.
    Ok, now for the shipping issue.
    #1. Shipping rates change daily, so you just need to email us everything you want on the order and we can get a rate for you. It is best to really have every think you want before you make the request. For some reason many customer get the shipping rate and the go "please add this to my order now." That is nice to have larger invoice, but, we then have to go through the entire rating process all over again.
    #2. Many shipping fees are customer caused. For example the base rate for shipping a pallet is to a commercial address with a forklift or dock height to receive pallet at will. Customer related surcharges are: Call for an appointment (usually about $20), Hold at dock for pick up (usually about $25), Home delivery (usually about $75), Lift gate service is no forklift on site (usually about $75), Inside delivery -mean don't leave on the street but take it to the driveway, garage, or similar (usually about $25 to $50), Insurance (usually about $50). Please not without insurance only a small amount of the item will be covered (usually about $1000), missed deliveries (usually about $50).
    #3. The more an item weights the less cost per pound it cost to ship. In other words, say you have a pallet that weights 250 lbs (products and pallet together) going from San Antonio, TX to Kansas City, MO for $250 (or $1 per lbs) and then you compare to the same pallet at 500 lbs might only cost $325 (or $.65 per lbs)

    Conclusion: You need to take a more active roll in saving money on shipping. You can provide a location that is a company with a forklift on site (cheapest way). OR at least have the pallet held at the nearest trucking company terminal for pick up (second cheapest way) to avoid all the shipping surcharges. Secondly, you need to load up the pallet. My example really is not as large of a spread as I mention. I have seen people double the shipping weights and end up with a shipping bill that is only $10 more than the original. Please consider purchasing some starter packages.

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