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    If you are running a generator in your truck powering such things as a portable etc., how do you ground the entire system? Obviously the buried pipe in your home acts as a earthen ground, but with a truck you've got four rubber tires. Can anyone shed some light?

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    Ground your electrical generator.

    There are two main ways to ground a generator.
    The generator has a grounding terminal located on it. Run a wire to a 24" metal state and place this stake in the ground AND/OR run the ground wire to a replacement male extension cord plug end. On your ground wire, secure the ground pin (green terminal) inside the male plug to the ground wire. Plug it into a grounded wall outlet at your customer home. The grounded outlet in the customer's home is grounded with a stake in the earth as well as all their plumbing. You should have both option ready to go at all times. So off the generator ground screw one wire to the extension cord with only the green wire used and the other wire to a metal ground stake. Please note plugging into a customer's home will not use any electricity, it is only hooked to the ground. Your first choice would be to use the ground wire/ power cord to a customer's outlet and only if you cannot ground your customer's home to your generator, you then would use your ground stake and their is nothing wrong with always doing both.
    Some customer will also use an old car jumper cable and cut off one side to secure to the grounding screw and the other side will clamp to grounding rod on the home or even the gas meter. To me, clamping to the gas meter sounds odd since I would not want an electrical charge traveling to the gas line but I guess this is better than traveling through you.

    Purchase a Generator grounding / bonding kit at

    An example of a replacement male plug is located at link below. Use only the green / round pin connection to your generator and plug into your customer's home.

    420cc generator

    12000 Watt Generator

    Generator power converter
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      Yes, You are supposed to ground a generator that is in a service truck either by bonding to the building, or grounding to Earth for all types of use application including using with a portable carpet cleaning extractor.