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Mytee M5 carpet cleaning start up questions

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  • Mytee M5 carpet cleaning start up questions

    I am interested in your staring pack Mytee M5 Plus And Rotovac 360i, you have two options, $ 4,675.00 and $ 5,195.99, I want to know what will be the adventages to include heater in both packages, abd how many additional watts will be required, still will be2 cords 15 amp breakers??, I am starting my own busines and new in the industry, also I want to know what accesories are available for Upholstery cleanning with this Maytee M5.

    Answer: For a heater, please visit:

    As you notice three option are listed. The 240-120 is a 120 volt single power cord heater that has four 600 watt heaters inside. You can choose how much amp draw you want to pull. 5 amps, 10 amps, 15 amps, or 20 amps.

    The 3600-120 is a two corded option. You can run one or both power cords. It has four heaters 900 watt heaters on the inside. You can choose to operate each power cord at 7.5 amp or 15 amps.

    The third option is for international use. Your email did not state what country you planed on using the heater in, so I just assume the USA.

    Here is something to think about. Visit
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    You could possibly run both heaters, and both power cords from the machine on one electric dryer plug. The Rotovac could then run on the individual wall outlet.
    The Mytee M5 + the 3600 watt heater will take 4 different 15 amp breakers but the above converter is designed for this. Plug in just one place when possible.

    Because the Rotovac uses twice as much water as a regular wand, you would want to consider the 3600 watt heater. A smaller heater will have a hard time keeping up the pace with that large water flow. Please note that you still hook the Mytee M5 to a hot water source in the customers home. Please do not expect electric heaters to heat cold water, rather they are designed only to boost hot water.

    Please read:
    The most popular upholstery wand with this machine is the AW51A + a male QD.
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    Questions: Donald. Thanks for you very valuable answer, I have some other questions that arise after your kind answer,
    1) how many amps are needed to run the 120Volts Rotovac 360i,
    2) I understand you can clean carpets between 150 to 200 PSI, Floors 350 to 500 PSI and Upholstery 50 to 100 PSI, the recommended tool for upholstery for the Maytee works between 200 to 500PSI is this going to damage the fiber?.
    3) With the Mytee M5 and the proper head for the 360i can I jump to clean floors later on if opportunities arise??,
    4) I have a small 5000 watts portable generator with 4 120 Volts 20amps and 1 220 Volts 30amps, can I run the Mytee M5 and the 3600-120 Mytee heater on the 4 plugs of the generator, I am located in Monterrey Mexico and most of the houses run 110 Volts 10 amps and looks will be the only way to run this equipment together and attach the Rotovac to the House.
    Thanks again for your fine attentions.

    Answers: 1) Rotovac 360i is 5 amps at 120 volts
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    2) The water pressures you mention above are possible but would cause you to clean super slow. Upholstery is cleaned at 400 psi, Carpet between 500 to 600 and tile and hard floors 1000 to 1200 psi. Yes, you can clean at the pressures you mention, you will just take twice as long. When I hear that people recommend cleaning upholstery at 150 to 200 psi, I know that they where using the wrong tool. Choosing the correct tool will allow you to use the higher pressure without damaging the fabric, over wetting, and improve dry times. Using the Mytee M5 machine is not going to hurt upholstery cleaning as long as you used internal spray cleaning. The open spray tools are too messy past 150 psi.
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    3) Yes, The rotovac 360i tool does have a tile cleaning option.
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    This involves changing out the head to a brush and then placing a suction ring around the tool to pick up the water. This option can also be replaced by purchasing a standard scrub brush and a regular tile cleaning rinsing wand.
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    4) No, you generator is too small to run the heater at the same time as the carpet cleaning machine. It will run the Mytee M5 but I bet that is all. Please note the Mytee 3600 watt heater can be run at half duty. It has four switches on it and if you want to run it on 7.5 amps per cord, you can. To run everything, you would need to consider a generator that is close to twice that size.

    QUESTION: THanks again for you very profesional answers, this enlighten my vision, and consequently more reading and more doubts, according with the Rotovac manuals they recommend for their hard floors attachment no more than 800 psi and 185 degrees maximum, so I review equipment and Jaguar 6.6 can run at 800 PSI max and looks will work better with the rotovac that the equipment’s we talked before, plus Rotovac 360i with hard floor attachments, 3600 watts Maytee Heater, and portable generator around 10000 running watts plus accessories, I arrived with a budget around $ 9,500.00 dollars, but a truck mounted is near reach, so what will be the considerations for a turning point I mean advantages and disadvantages of going portable Vs. TM,

    ANSWER: The rotovac system is an agitation system no a pressure system. The idea with rotovac is all agitation. This can also be accomplished with a regular rotary floor machine first and rinse off second. I am not trying to change your mind, rather just let you know what the machine is doing. If you run the Jaguar 6.6 at 800 psi will will break the electric motor very quickly. The pump head is rated for 800 psi but the motor that turns the head is not rated for this. Electric motors can be stressed beyond their normal capacity and it is OK for a short while but it does make them break quickly. All 500 psi portables use the same 800 psi head and motor that is in the Jaguar 6.6. I hope you understand what I just said. This is not a special higher performing pump. It is the same pump and motor you get any 90% off all 500 psi machines. You can make any 500 psi machine do 800 psi. I have confirmed my above statement with the manager at Pumptec who makes the pumps for 90% of all 500 psi machines. Please read
    questions: We are a large 8 provider pediatric clinic in Allen. I estimate there is around 7000 sqft of carpet in our single story building; its glue down, looped

    I will try to provide you more information later. I have to sing off right now.
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