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Aztec Hot Rod VS Mytee Lite II 8070

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  • Aztec Hot Rod VS Mytee Lite II 8070

    Question: Can the aztec hOt rod be upgraded to a 100 PSI pump? Im torn between this machine and the mytee lite 2. I like the heating system better on the aztec but the mytee has a bigger pump. tank size isnt much of a factor as it will be used for auto detailing and i don't need large quantities at once? Any help would be appreciated.
    Links: Aztec Hot Rod
    Mytee 8070

    Answer: Aztec Hot Rod VS Mytee Lite II 8070. No, The Aztec does not have a 100 psi option. Cleaning pressure is in direct relation to cleaning speed. Pressure is also a form of agitation. The more pressure you use, the less prescubbing or pre-agitation you have to use.
    The Mytee 8070 also uses a larger vacuum motor. The Mytee 8070 heater is not a pre-heater like the Aztec Hot Rod. The Mytee is a post heater (after the pump) This means the pump is more than likely going to last longer since you are not supposed to use water than 140 degrees on the inside of the pump. Like with any machine there is always one bigger, stronger, or with more features. You can always keep stepping up to the next level of cleaning. Look at the Mytee 8070 PLUS with 220 psi and bi-directional cleaning with internal spray
    > then look at the Shazaam 501H with even a larger heater, longer hose, and larger vacuum motor
    > then look at the Sandia 86-2200H with 4 stages of vacuum, even a larger heater
    I can just keep going and always step you up to a faster, more aggressive cleaning machine.
    If you ever clean with one of the upgraded auto detail machines listed above you will wander how you ever cleaned with anything less than 200 psi. The difference is HUGE. Can you image cleaning every car in half the time for the next 10 years?