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    Question: I am looking for a carpet cleaning machine that hooks to the kitchen faucet for continuse hot water and another hose goes out the door so you don't have to stop cleaning. Do you have anything like that? thanks viki

    Answer: We have a large selection of machines that do this. This can be done as a very simple set up and one with a lot of power.
    For example, please visit:
    Steambrite MFG SBMFlowK SteamBrite: High Flow Extraction Conversion Kit
    This can be used with a hose set to take the water to the wand. The vacuum recovery can be done with any flood pumper, vacuum booster, or carpet cleaning machine with auto dump.
    Mytee 7303 Mytee: Air Hog Vacuum Booster / Flood Pumper / Extractor - 1/3 Vacs - 3.5gpm Auto PumpOut (Hose Mount)

    You can also consider traditional auto fill and dump machines, example
    Sandia Plastic 80-3500AFAD Sandia: Sniper 12 - 500 psi - 2/3 Vacs - Auto Fill Auto Dump Non-heated and Flood Pumper Carpet Cleaning Hot water Extractor

    or High performance equipment
    Shazaam SBM-G0Delux Heat Set Shazaam: Goliath Quad Vac - 4/2Vacs - 500 psi Cleaining with 14,000 BTU Heater, 1750 watt heater,Auto Fill, and Flood Pumper COMPLETE HEAT With hoses and wand

    Please read:
    You really have not provided enough information for me to help you.
    We have hundreds of options.