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Cross American Jag 6.6

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  • Cross American Jag 6.6

    I am looking to order the jaguar 6.6 but when I read the info on this machine it says that the power chords are not supplied. Do I need to order them separately or just call Ed for advice?

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    Jaguar 6.6

    Chasbo, no you need not order extention cords from Ed. It does not come
    with cords . So you can just go to any Home Depot, or any Hardware store
    and get some 12 guage extention cords. I bought two 25 ft 12 guage cords
    and then bought a couple of 50s and maybe another 50 ft cord would be good
    to have. Sometimes the second circuit may be further away but normally 75 feet
    of electrical cords is suffecient when doing carpet cleaning etc.. if running your
    Jaguar 6.6 from your vehicle or trailer. This is how I run mine as you probably know
    this particular machine has plenty of lift and especially a combined 276 cfms +
    to handle 150 to 200 feet of 2 inch vacuum hose. I know it will this because I have
    done it. This is much more powerful than the CA Recoil 3XPS was. No doubt about
    that. Actually I have never seen a 2 cord electric machine as powerful as the
    CA Jagaur 6.6!

    Jan Sullins


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      Cross amercian machines

      Please note our Cross American starter package from SteamBrite includes a lot of items for free and our power cords cost less then they do at home depot or Lowe's.


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        jag 6.6

        Jan and Donald, Thanx for the info and advice.


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          Power cords missing off the Jag 6.6

          Why would you go to Home Depot / Lowes or any other hardware store to purchase 12-3 extension cords when you can purchase them for less money at Supply?
          Clean Storm M1394 50 ft 12-3 Extension Power Cord 115 volt AX33 $48.87

          They can ride along with the extractor order without any extra shipping and you might even avoid your local sales tax.
          Today's price at Lowes is $69.99 and the price at home depot is $66.88
          I am sorry, I do not agree with the above statement unless you are into throwing money away.