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Suction feed VS Pressure Feed portable Extractors.

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  • Suction feed VS Pressure Feed portable Extractors.

    When ever people make the "no fresh tank" as a concern just confirms to me that they might not be getting the point. I say this because I cannot think of a single reason of an advantage of a suction feed or tanked system. Suction feed can be auto fill or pour to fill.
    Suction feed carpet cleaning machine means that when you squeeze the trigger on your cleaning tool the water pressure pump has to suck water from a tank or bucket to feed itself water. This same pump has to also push the water down the hose to the tool. A pressure feed cleaning system uses the building pressure as a water supply source so when you squeeze the trigger on the cleaning tool the 75 psi building pressure is force feeding the pump with water.
    Let us compare a fresh tank suction feed system to a direct connect system:
    On a suction feed tank system you have to take the time and labor to transfer water from a hot supply source every 500 to 1000 sq ft. This means waiting for the bucket to fill, lifting the bucket, carrying the bucket (40 lbs) to the portable > navigate 40 lbs of water through a hole in the top of the fresh tank > the water has time to cool down before it actually hits the carpet > the pump will experience pressure drop between squeezing the trigger and not squeezing the trigger = slower cleaning. And you get to keep doing this over and over all day long (what fun).
    Direct connect system can be used just like a suction feed system by just dropping the pick up hose and place in a bucket, bath tub, trashcan, ice-chest, etc.... No lifting > no navigating the pour through the top of the machine
    you can hook up to the building for hotter water (no time to have the water cool off - water goes right from the customer hot water heater right onto the carpet - average 10 to 15 degrees hotter), no filling, more water pressure (minimal drop in pressure between trigger squeezing and not - 65 psi to 75 psi more pressure - faster cleaning or stroking), the option to use high flow jets on ultra nasty carpets. A direct connect system water temperature rise is almost as hot as most suction feed tank systems with electric water heater boosters on them.
    Suction feed pumps will usually experience more pressure drop between standby water pressure and use water pressure. In fact the difference is about 75 psi improvement with pressure feed pump system. Example if your current suction feed pump has a standby pressure of 500psi and then you squeeze the trigger on your cleaning tool and the pressure drops to 350 psi cleaning pressure based on your jet size combination on your tool and then you convert your machine to pressure feed on a building with 75 psi building pressure, you will now be able to clean with 425 psi use pressure. Since cleaning or use pressure is a direct proportion of cleaning speed or how fast it takes me to complete the job this simple conversion will have me clean 21% faster. Here is the math: 350 over 1 = 425 over X, OR 350X = 450, X = 1.21 This also mean converting to wands that have more jets and be able to maintain the same pressure. Example change from a 3 jet wand to a 4 jet tool and still keep the same use pressure or maybe just larger jets to flush more water through really dirty carpet.

    Now if you purchase a machine that is suction feed but auto fill, you eliminate the bucket lifting but you will still have the pressure and temperature drop.

    Please remember that the use of power wands cuts the maximum hose length in half of a traditional wand so you will need to go from 200 ft of 2" ID hose with the Goliath or Jaguar 6.6 to only 100 ft of 2" Id vacuum hose.

    Dealer installed pressure feed option

    Self install pressure feed option

    Jaguar 6.6 (example of a suction feed auto fill machine- discontinued)

    Goliath (example of a pressure feed auto fill machine)

    All stand alone pumps are pressure feed systems

    Powrflite Riptide Tile cleaning machine is also pressure feed direct connect system

    History lesson: In the 1970 we used to rotary shampoo carpets. Beginning in 1980 hot water extraction machining where being designed and used. The very first hot water extraction machines we designed were all Direct Connect pressure feed machines. Originally using just sink pressure with a shop vac. The use of tanked suction feed machines was actually manufactured after pressure feed machines.
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    Goliath with an RX20 wand hose length with fresh tank

    Question: One question I have .
    With how long 2" hoses the goliath will operate with rx-20 - up to how many feet long hoses rx-20 will operate with 100% of its performance.
    And up to how many feet goliath will operate with regular wand without loosing performance.
    And second.
    Is it possible to supply goliath with water from backet or water fresh tank and how this work, just drop a pipe into the baket and the machine will suck the water itself or need the pump if I use water fresh tank.

    Answer: All the distanced for all makes, models, and configurations are listed at

    Goliath is 200 ft with 2" hose and a regular wand
    100 ft with 2" hose and a power wand.
    50 ft with 1-1/2" hose and a power wand

    You should also read:
    When ever people make the "no fresh tank" as a concern just confirms to me that they might not be getting the point. I say this because I cannot think of

    This is the same 500 psi Pumptec pump used is most all 500 psi machines. You can just lay your pick up auto fill hose in any bucket, bath tub, trash can, ice chest, toilet tank, regular tank... and the pump will work like other suction feed carpet cleaning machine.
    Please note pressure feed machines clean 15 degrees hotter than suction feed machines and 65 psi higher cleaning pressure with the trigger squeezed on the cleaning tool. I do not know of anybody who uses the Goliath as a suction feed machine after you experience the advantages of pressure feeding over suction feeding but you can when you want.