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Goliath in 230 volts in quad 3 stage vacuum and high pressure?

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  • Goliath in 230 volts in quad 3 stage vacuum and high pressure?

    Question: i see this is the one for Europe includes everything
    Shazaam: Goliath Quad Vac - 4/2Vacs - 500 psi Cleaining with 14,000 BTU Heater, 1750 watt heater,Auto Fill, and Flood Pumper COMPLETE HEAT (230 Volts for International us) [SBM-G0Delux Heat Set-230]
    my quastion is - is it possible to build this machine with 4 motors 3stage instant 2 stage motors and with pimp 800psi or 1200psi
    and how much will be the price

    Please visit

    A quad 8.4" vacuum system is also available with 1200 psi pump. 5 power cords, larger 20 hp 13000 watt generator with heaters for $8999.00

    What you want to do is not being done because the two power cord are already maxed out. The Complete Heat machine is 3 power cords.

    To change out the 4 two stage motors on the Goliath carpet cleaning machine with four 3 stage motors is $500 more and is 4 power cords.
    5 amps, 5 amps, 8 amps, and 8 amps. (at 230 volts)
    The largest pump that fits on the inside of the case is 500 psi.
    You can also consider to purchase a flood machine Goliath and change the vacuum out to 3 stages (also 4 cords)
    You would have
    + vacuum motor change out or $2800.00
    and then mate it with a 1200 to 1500 psi pressure washing pump
    The link above is all 115 volt pressure washing pumps but we can get some in 230 volts too.