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cleaning under 15 amps of power

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  • cleaning under 15 amps of power

    Question: I am looking for a carpet extractor that can operate on a 15 amps or less. I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions. Thanks John

    Answer: In order to operate on 15 amps you have to remove the heating option.
    Power consumption is in direct response to cleaning efficiency. In other words, machines that consume more power clean better and faster. You might want to consider a machine that draws 15 amps on two power cords.
    Look at the Sandia 80-3500

    The dual 3 stage vacuum motors will run 75 ft of hose with ease with 500 psi pump will allow for faster stroking or cleaning.

    The same machine is also available in automatic fill and waste water dump.

    We currently have a sale on Might Fine RL105 made with similar internal guts