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  • Best home owner machine?

    Question: What is the best carpet extractor / auto detail machine for the money?
    Just looking for a machine to care for my 4 vehicles, and occasional home use.
    Is the $400 machine sufficient, without heat, if I filled it with hot water?
    Or should I go $600 - $700 had get a built in heater?
    There are so many to choose from on your site!

    Answer: The term "best" is relative to do you really mean "best" or do you mean best machine under ?$?$?$.
    Our machines go from $400 to $20,000. So why does someone spend $2000 on a machine or $4000 on a machine instead of $400? This would be because more expensive machine clean better, faster, drier and are more aggressive. It is impossible to design a low costing machine with super high performance. None of the machine have an aggressive mark up in them. My personal favorite machine are the 200 to 300 psi dual 2 stage vacuum heated machines in a 6 gallon body style.
    I have these for $1500 in a different blue and gray color.
    This type of machine will clean both directions on upholstery can car cleaning and has a strong enough vacuum to clean with up to 50 ft of hose.
    We also have single corded 200 psi heated machines at
    The above machine will clean carpets with 25 ft of hose and is a 5 gallon tank size.
    The smaller machines like the spotX
    are designed for hand tools and upholstery cleaning wands.
    The Super Spotter have larger vacuum motors in them to allow you to run a carpet cleaning wand