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    I noticed you carry a 1.5 gpm flow switch for the North Star heater. I am wondering, since I use the Hyrdamaster Dri-flow upholstery tool and noting it doesn't draw much water, Is this flow switch something you'd personally guarantee to trigger the burner or your money back?

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    adding more heat your your carpet cleaning equipment

    The option flow switch is not a 1.5 gpm flow switch rather a .5 gallon per min flow switch. The flow switch just just what it states it does. As long as you have a half a gallon per minute flow rate, the burner lights.
    We have a video showing this this switch and burner working together at

    The Dragon Slayer Truck Mount uses this very burner and switch you are talking about. Do you think we would make this machine if it did not work?

    Our returns policy is stated at

    So far to date we have not found an upholstery tool that the burner and switch combination does not make light.


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      So is this a misprint then since it says 1.5 gpm? Is this is a different switch than what comes with the unit? The reason I ask is because my upholstery tools are not enough to activate the burner the way it is now.


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        kerosene burner for carpet cleaning

        The burner comes by default with a 1.5 gpm flow switch.
        We add our own switch to make it 1/2 gpm

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