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    I have an Advance Aquapro H 150psi w/heat. The machine is about 4 years old or so. I was cleaning chairs last week and the pump quit. I touched it and it was pretty warm, once it cooled down (three hours) it started working again. Just wondering, is it time to replace??
    P.S. can I replace it with a bigger pump, say 200-300psi?

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    pump too hot

    I would check and see if your extractor has a cooling fan mounted on the side wall. This looks like a computer cooling fan but in 120 volts. You can also add a Shurflo slip over cooling fin system. It slip right over the motor and disperses heat like a heat sink. I normally provide a link to help you find both these items on our site but the web server is being changed out today. Tomorrow or Wed we will be back online. At that time do a search on our site for shurflo and the heat sink will show up in the list. We also have a web page made for the cooling fan. Only after both these items are installed would I replace the pump if it conntinues to turn off. Either way, both these features will extend pump life on new pumps.


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