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    Hi Donald , I am after the pump in the below link , i couldn't find any specs on the pumptec site on the listed pump . Are you able to tell me what is the maximum amp draw at 230v and also can you please tell me what does the following mean .
    500 PSI ( recommended ) Spray, '02 Nozzle (not included),
    .71 GPM Spray, 1.8 AMPS Spray, 26 lbs
    Pumptec Series 207V - 110 M411 Pump more horse power - 230 Volt - 500 PSI, 81201, Pumptec Pump & Motor Assbly, Pumptec, Pumps Water Pumps , Parts & Accessories, by Pumptec,   Series 207V - 110 M411 Pump 230 Volt 500 PSI 1 3 Hp motor is des...

    Thanking you in advance

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    A little about spray jets.

    To begin with, that motor factory has been keeping this motor in short supply. This might be hard to get a hold of.
    Max amp draw is 1.8 amps at 240 volts.
    The 500 psi is only achievable if a single 02 orifice nozzle is used or dual 01 orifice jet nozzles are used.
    When look at the face of most jets are stamped with some numbers. The first set of numbers refer to the width of the spray while the second set is the size of the hole drilled in the nozzle. Example a 6506 VS 8003. The first jet is 65 degree wide spray but twice the volume of the 80 degree spray with the 03 orifice.


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      If the supply is short what pump would you recommend main thing is want true 500 psi and the least possible amp draw . Any direction would be appreciated.
      Thanking you .


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        230-240 volt 500 psi pumps

        We do not carry a 230 volt version of the m53 motor. We can use the PSC motor or a larger Induction motor. What Country are they going to? How much room do we have for the pump system?

        My preference is the Induction motor but it is much larger than both the PSC and the PM motor. The dimensions are as follows;
        Current pump dimensions-11” x 9” x 4”

        PSC Motor-8 ½” x 9” x 6”

        Induction motor-11” x 9” x 7 ¾”

        Let me know which model you would like me to quote.


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          hi Donald ,
          Pump dimension is not an issue as its for a custom electric truck mount which is run on a 11 kva generator and one cord to the house . The current pump i have draws 2000 watts at 230 v So at this stage if i am running on like 30 meters of 2 " vac hose i tend to run 4 motor of the generator and one cord to the house for pump . most houses i do tend to be under 30 m from the truck so i want to be able to run 4 vac motor of the generator and the pump on smaller job . the generator can handle the 4 vac motors and the pump but then runs on its peak load. So i just want to get a pump that will not suck the life of the generator.
          Hope i am making sense.
          p.s if i can get your email address i can send you some of the pic of this custom novice setup


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            email for Steam Brite Supply

            The email is [email protected] to send photos.
            You will find that you will use about half an amp at 240 volts for each 100 psi you ask the pump to push so expect to use 2.5 amps @ 240 volts.