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Lamb 6.6 VS Electro Conical 5.7 VS Dual 2 stage

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  • Lamb 6.6 VS Electro Conical 5.7 VS Dual 2 stage

    Question: What is the best way to make a strongest extractor or carpet cleaning machine vacuum system: Mytee dual 3 stage, Lamb 6.6 or quad 2 stage?

    Answer: The motors used by Mytee are Electro Motors with a conical bottom
    They do work real well. Here is what you will find out about vacuum motor performance, power consumption is in direct proportion to inches of water lift and cfm. Machines that consume more electricity perform better than those that use less electricity. If you are comparing dual 2 stage of the Goliath VS and single vacuum motor 6.6 lamb or Electro conical 3 stage you will find that 4 stages of vacuum does use and consume more electricity (about 15 amps) while the other vacuum systems are (Lamb 6.6) 13 amps and (Electro Conical) 14 amps. Since both inches of lift and cfm (cubic feet per minute) are equally important that is why we started the vacuum unit comparison formula of Max inches of lift @ zero cfm (times) X Max cfm @ zero inches of lift = (equals) vacuum units. The Goliath vacuum system is going to give you more vacuum units that other portables because it is using 30 amps @ 120 volts of power to run all four vacuum motors. The other advantage with the Goliath is not that any 2 stage vacuum motors where installed. We tested 15 different two stage vacuum motors used in our industry to compare amp draw, cfm, inches of lift, and air temperature and are pleased with the Max Vac performance.

    Take in consideration the "Cleaning Pie" discussed at other posting on this forum. You know that the ultimate cleaning takes place with HEAT too. This is where the Goliath is really going to make a difference over other machines, including but not limited to: the Goliath is pressure feed pump over suction feed (hotter water and higher pressure), and out dump system that is 10 times that of the competing machines (allows for water damage flood restoration work), and a heating system that does not use any electricity at all. The Quad 2 stage (8 stage total) vacuum series pair is important in making the heat exchanger work. We can install heat exchangers on these other models but they do not get as hot as the Goliath either.

    When you compare other machines: Like Jaguar 6.6: Suction feed pump, 1.4 gpm auto pump out, no heat.
    Mytee M3, LTD3 has heat so Mytee placed smaller, lower amp draw vacuum motors with a smaller heating system to keep the machine just over 20 amps per cord. At 20 amps makes it easy to trip breakers unless you use a 230 volt converter.
    Mytee M5 has Electro Conical vacuum motors but no heat, suction feed pump, 3.3 gpm Aquatec pump out.
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