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Metering setup for jaguar 6.6

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  • Metering setup for jaguar 6.6

    Question for Donald.....I have a Jaguar 6.6 machine and I would like to know how to set the machine up for metering in order to use a rinsing agent. A lot of the carpets I am cleaning in high rise building have build up in them.....any recommendations on a good rinsing agent? How would you go about cleaning these carpets properly?

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    Chemical injection with Jaguar 6.6 carpet Cleaning machine

    The Jaguar 6.6 really does not have a way to add rinsing agent while using the auto fill system other than adding an up stream injector between the bottom of the fresh water pick up hose in the bottom of the fresh tank. I have never installed one here before but their is no reason why it would not work. Installing up stream injectors usually mean you have to increase the jet size on the wand. By default the up stream injectors have garden hose connections on each side of them but these just unscrew and you can install directly on the bottom of the fresh tank.

    Now are far as formulated rinse aids goes, the heavier the better. What I means you can tell the concentration of active ingredients VS water by the weight. Acids have a higher specific gravity than water. The heaviest, most concentrated formulated rinse aid on the market is Flush Rinse Aid.
    In some cases you will be cleaning olefin face fiber carpets and on these you need a rinse aid that contains anti wicking polymers. This would be Royal Flush

    Cleaning these carpet properly? I like to always, prespray, prescrub and rinse with the hottest water possible. Them implement a forced drying system. Depending on the fiber type you are cleaning, you might alter how you accomplish these steps.

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