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What justifies a Company to claim Dual Wand Capabilities?

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  • What justifies a Company to claim Dual Wand Capabilities?

    Question: I have seen a Video recently where they show (2) 2" Hoses open, then they put a Lift Gauage on (1) Hose to show that they still have 13-H/g, even though the second hose is open.
    I will try to find this video and send it to you.
    Mainly, what justifies a Company to claim Dual Wand Capabilities

    Answer: The video you you speak of is an El Diablo truckmount vacuum test.
    It to has a 45 blower and is dual wand ready.
    I have one customer with a 36 blower and he dual wands (not recommended) but he tells me it works fine as long as both wands are on the floor.
    All truckmounts pull the same 14 or 15 inches of HG vacuum lift (203" of water lift). The only thing that changes is the open flow CFM and 'use cfm'. Please note that the open flow cfm and use cfm change based on how much air flow slips around the wand lips and get sucked into the clean tool. Also a larger blower will create more 'use inches' of lift because it starts off with more open flow cfm. Say for example if a machine open flow is 250 cfm and a tool and hose can only suck 125 cfm between the carpet fibers and the lip this causes the inches of lift to go up. If I start out with a 350 cfm machine and have the same wand and carpet with the same 125 cfm slipping around the lip, more inches of lift are created between the head of the tool and the waste tank. Naturally the more inches of lift between the head of the tool and the waste tank speeds up the cfm and increases the cfm. They are equally important and react with each other. As long as the machine can pull the water up out of the carpet and not gurgle back down the wand pipe onto the carpet and the gpm flow rate of the pump can handle two wands, I guess it is dual wand capable. The Goliath is triple hand wand capable but I do not know of any car wash locations using that way. Some small carpet cleaning machines only have a single 3 stage motor in them with 125" of water lift and 100 cfm or 12,500 vacuum units on 10 amps of power. Take a Goliath with 42,500 vacuum units pulling 30 amps (300% more vacuum) of power or a Velocity Tech Hurricane making 73,000 vacuum units (450% more vacuum) on 45 amps of power, these units can run multiple vacuum tools but will soon become short on maintaining pressure and heat based on the number of jets and size of jets on all the tools. I think the term 'dual wand' needs to be reasonable. In other words, can you take two average dual jet wands with 12" wide heads and clean with enough heat and pressure and dry the carpet in a reasonable time frame? And if it is a truckmount also do this with two hoses of enough distance to reach the job site.

    12,500 vacuum unit machine
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    42,500 vacuum unit machine

    73,000 vacuum unit machine
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