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  • blower question

    Does this make any sense ? Number belong to a sutorbilt blower , Its old ....
    4VF - on the back of blower oil end
    4umc 150 --- the side of blower
    I am try to find spec. of if performance and what rpm to run it at doing carpet and upholstery .
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Vacuum blower rpm

    all the #4 blowers can run at the same rpm as the engine on a 1 to 1 ratio.


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      Originally posted by Donald
      all the #4 blowers can run at the same rpm as the engine on a 1 to 1 ratio.
      Thanks Donald ,

      I am interested a truck mount machine. This is what I am after :-
      Engine Size to match a 36 blower.
      pump with chemical metering
      No heat exchange required( i use lpg and diesel heaters)
      No tank required ( i have a tank purchased from steam brite australia ) same as the round tank on scout machine.
      If i can have an estimate price with postage to port as close to sydney or new castle , new south wales .
      closest for post code 2261 if that helps.
      I only run max 60 meters on very few occasion as i only do domestic but most houses here are in reach of 30 to 45 meter so any other suggestion welcome , i typically want to keep the cost down so I am not keen on a heat exchanger as i have invested in heaters and prefer it . main reason for a TM is i am over running 3 cords . I have 2 truck mounts that i bought second hand and they seem to break on me very often so they are going to be discarded.
      thanks Shani


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        some thing like this
        looks good but minus the hoses wand .....


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          engine size for 36 blower

          We find that on 36 blowers you can run 18 or 20 hp engines. The price difference between the engine cost between 18 hp and 20 is not too much so we sell the 2036 truckmount
          Steambrite MFG TM2036MO ..Steambrite MFG: 20 Hp Stainless TruckMount Carpet Cleaning Machine Kohler Engine 36 Tuthill Blower Arimitsu Pump Machine Only $8,250.00
          ..Steambrite 13 Hp TruckMount Carpet Cleaning Machine 33 Blower TM1333Blk Starter Package, TM1333Blk Pakage, , by Steambrite MFG, Steambrite 13 Hp TruckMount Carpet Cleaning Machine Kohler Engine 33 Blower TM1333Blk Starter Package Starter Package incl...

          This can be made without a heat exchanger and waste tank. Let me know what you think.


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            customer truckmount

            No waste tank and no heat exchanger is a $800 discount. Add the optional clutch on the pump for $500 more.