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Dragon Truckmount VS the Dragon Slayer Truckmount

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  • Dragon Truckmount VS the Dragon Slayer Truckmount

    Question: Hi can you give me a price for the Dragon carpet machine 30hp and shipping costs to austraila??

    Answer: In order to quote shipping I have to know 100% of everything we are shipping. In other words, once we quote the shipping it is not OK to ask to add some extra tool or extra hose, etc...
    This requires a shipping re-quote and waiting several more days for the researched answer to come back from the shipping company.
    I need quite a bit more clarification. Are you looking to shipping by air or ocean, to the door or to the port?
    Are you asking about a Dragon Truckmount or the Dragon Slayer Truckmount?

    The Slayer series has quite a few upgrades over the regular Dragon.
    Steel frame improved to stainless steel frame.
    No heat exchanger improved to Stainless steel heat exchanger
    Aluminum waste tank improved to stainless waste tank
    No auto pump out improved to included pump out
    2000 watt generator improved to 2900 watt generator
    Single heat control improved to dual heat control. (means you can have one person cleaning at 80 degrees Celsius and the second wand cleaning at 105 degrees Celsius.)
    Single heat sources improved to dual heat source (cuts fuel bill in half and minimizes temperature swings)
    Waste tank is only available for right hand installation improved to waste tank can be installed on either right or left side installation.
    Reed flow switch changed from 1 gpm improved to 1/2 gpm (so you can clean with upholstery tools)
    The 30 hp engine was increased in size to 40 hp engine so the 2000 psi pump can be upgraded to 4000 psi double pulled pressure washing pump.
    Pressure washing pumps mounted on a sliding plate to improve ease of belt tensioning.

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