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33 blower truckmounts (3003) VS Goliath 30 amp vacuum system

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  • 33 blower truckmounts (3003) VS Goliath 30 amp vacuum system

    Thought you might find this interesting...
    So I find a small TM w/ a 16HP, #3 blower and diesel burner I clear out my van and ready to upgrade.
    Wrong, when I got there we put the machine to the test, ran for 30-60min measured CFM, Lift, Temp, etc... I was very surprised to find my Goliath with Diesel burner/pump slapped the snot out of the small TM. Granted it was an old TM (Prochem 100A) but it only had 2008 hrs and reworked and tested by mechanic on site with new hoses belts, oils, gasket, etc...

    Though they did not express it you can tell they were surprised my porty had more power AS WAS I! I was shocked.

    TM (Prochem 100A) Goliath/North Star w/pump
    240 CFM 260 CFM (350 CFM w/mod)
    13" Lift 12" Lift (Yet to test w/ mod)
    180 dg (consistent heat, open flow) 220dg (consistent heat, open flow)
    1000 PSI pump 1200 PSI pump
    Gas/Diesel Elec./Diesel

    Like a fellow TMFr gtech12v told me I need a min 36 preferably a 45 blower to feel a big difference. I was shocked but he was right. (Guess I'll save up for an Amtex)

    Conclusion was I couldn't wait to get home last night and apologize to my Goliath for almost trading her in. I appreciate my system much more now than before, I always knew it was a good machine but now its a little more special...

    Donald: Thanks for the update.
    I posted the numbers on my forums that the Goliath dries better than a 33 blower but not quite as well as a 36 blower.
    It is right in the middle of the two of them.
    The 33 blowers are not 240 cfm rather 210 cfm
    All truckmounts can do as much as 14" Hg or 190.4" of water
    the 33 blower is really like 210 X 190.4" = 39,984 vacuum units.
    The Goliath is 250 cfm at 170" of lift = 42.500 vacuum units.
    36 blower is 340 cfm and 190.4" = 64,736 vacuum units.