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using descaler and injection spray help

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  • using descaler and injection spray help

    Question on using the TM3447 Truckmount
    : hi,
    1) I don’t know when the next machine will be shipped out but if it is not shipped out yet, Please include 1 Gallon of Descaler.
    2) Please tell me exactly how to use the AS08 injection sprayer.
    a) Do we put the pre-spray cleaning chemical in un-diluted?
    b) Do we just hook the pressure hose directly and turn the machine on?
    c) What level do we adjust the dwyer visi-float meter?
    d) Would the water be hooked up?
    Need a bit more “how to use” direction.

    Also, please reply to my RED questions regarding the cleaning process you specified below;
    You have to mix up 2 gallons of water and add descaler - OK
    Use short garden hose (less than 1 meter) from bucket to truckmount water in - OK,
    also place Dywer meter pick up tube in same bucket too OK and turn on all the way.Confirm to turn all the way up the dwyer black knob or the water ? TURN UP THE BLACK KNOB ON DWYER METER ALL THE WAY AND HAVE THE PICK UP TUBE IN THE 5 GALLON BUCKET
    Insert blank male QD in end of high pressure water hose out and place in bucket too. Confirm the regular 50ft pressure hose to hook up to the machine and put inside the bucket BUT the end that goes in the bucket will not have anything spraying because it has female end on it. A 50 FT SECTION OF HOSE IS FINE BUT YOU HAVE TO INSERT A BLANK MALE QD INTO THE FEMAIL QD SO IT IS AN OPEN FLOW OF WATER INTO THE BUCKET FROM THE MACHINE

    Turn on truckmount and clutch and water heating system – Confirm run machine in a configuration like water extraction configuration because what I understood is to turn up-down Water switch to down-OFF possition, exhaust heating closed to divert to heat the heat echanger. I am confused about that, please clarify this.
    Run machine until the bucket reaches about 130 to 140 degree F and turn the machine off. How will I know that this temperature is reached? YOU HAVE TO PLACE A POCKET THERMOMETER IN THE WATER OR USE YOU HAND. BY THE TIME YOU WANT TO TAKE YOU HAND OUT OF THE WATER STOP.
    Let machine sit for 30 minutes TURNED OFF.
    Hook machine to fresh water and rinse machine lines. HOW? INSTALL THE BLANK MALE QD IN THE END OF THE WATER LINE AND LET THE WATER FLOW OUT THE HOSE.
    clean all filters!
    Waste tanks jets will be clogged, wand filters will now clog. I will clean those jets. But since I will not use any wand why would the wand jets be clogged? BECAUSE YOU ABOUT TO HAVE A TON OF TRASH HEADING TOWARDS ALL THE JETS ON THE WANDS AND WASTE TANK JETS, PLEASE ATTEMPT TO CLEAN TO MINIMIZE BLOCKAGE.
    All the garbage that was stuck in the machine will not clog all your filters for the next 2 weeks! OK
    Thank you

    1. You machine is shipping from North Texas at the assembly location to ours now. Once it arrives we will be adding all the other parts and chemicals to the order.
    2. The injection sprayer will arrive in a 1- 8 dilution spraying ratio. Must cleaners use their injection sprayer in a 1 - 4 deletion ratio. This is achieved by removing the jug, remove the clear pick up chemical draw tubing, then unscrew the yellow metering tip, re-assemble tubing and jug. If a product states use one ounce per gallon as a prespray and my sprayer is set to 1 - 4, then I add 4 ounces per gallon and add a gallon of water. Then as it leaves the sprayer it hits the carpet at one ounce per gallon.
    Here is what works good. Take four ounces of EZ Gold powder and four ounces of Krytonium and add one gallon of water to a 1- 4 injection sprayer. Spray heavy. Agitate carpet as needed. Rinse at 500 psi. Add one cup of Flush Rinse aid to 5 gallon of water and set the Dwyer meter to 2 gph. Spot clean with Dry Cleaner. This will become your favorite spotter in the world. The key to making dry cleaners work is heat the spot up. So as you are rinsing the carpet really heat the spot up > suck up the water > hit the spot with dry cleaner > agitate > re-rinse with wand. Dry cleaner takes about 95% of all spots out of the carpet that carpet cleaning pre-spray will not. Must be used straight up / un-deluted. Again the key to making it work is make the carpet HOT.
    b) The AS08 injection sprayer hooks directly to the end of the high pressure water hose. Most cleaners use the sprayer at 500 psi but it was designed to work at 400 psi and will work from 75 psi (building pressure) to 1000 psi. Most cleaners prefer the 1 to 4 ratio because post applied topical statements like DuPont Teflon as we urine presprays (like Knock Out) are all 1 to 4 products. A 1 to 4 product would be poured in the jug straight up/ un-diluted. To use an injection sprayer will require the use of a ball valve installed at the end of each high pressure water hose section. AH54 is one example
    VALVE BALL 1 4 in F-M SHUT OFF, AH54, Repair Parts, Parts & Accessories, Installs on solution hose between hose and the quick disconnect that you couple to your wand.  1 4 Mip X 1 4 Fip ends.  Rated upto 500 PSI..

    These are installed between the hose and the female brass QD. The rule of thumb while using ball valves. They remain closed all the time except while in use. They are left turned off as they are stored and transported in the service truck. Ball vales are required to turn the water pressure off > then you relieve the pressure on the tool/ wand > change the tool out > turn ball valve back on again > go to work. When the job is finished > turn off ball valve > remove pressure > store hose. If you fail to leave the ball valve off while you drive to the next job, you will not be able to hook up the wand/tools at the next job because you will be letting water pressure push behind the brass quick connect.