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Moving up from a portable to a strong single wand truckmount

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  • Moving up from a portable to a strong single wand truckmount

    Question: I heard good things about the 25/45 EZ truck Mount Carpet cleaner
    and I heard you stock them...
    Please tell me the best truck Mount you sell....That you recommend.
    Im ready to move up. Buisness has been good.
    I dont see myself double wanding in the future.... So I would need
    a powerfull single wand unit...

    Answer: For single wand use the 20 hp 36 blower machine is a great machine or move up to the 25 /45 for even more cfm.
    The 3006 blower does outperform the Goliath
    The performance curve is posted at
    327 cfm and and 207" lift = 67,689 Vacuum units
    Naturally the 4005 (45) blower even would perform even higher.
    Add the water pump clutch, engine exhaust diverter and auto pump out for flood work and large tile cleaning jobs. $2000 more
    I would add the Knuckel valve to the vacuum actuator $200 more
    Please note you can still keep you burner if you want for extreme heat for tile cleaning.
    Heat exchanger truckmounts work great for carpet and upholstery cleaning but cannot compete with the karo burner system you own for tile cleaning and pressure washing.