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Slayer Truck mount ball valve use

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  • Slayer Truck mount ball valve use

    Question: I haven't started the Slayer yet but I am about to. I was testing the water transfer pump which is the last thing that needed to be connected.
    It's working perfectly. It's connected to the water inlet on the Slayer. It should run and pressure and then stop. But I can hear water running and the pump is running continuously. When I look in the waste tank it's filling with water from the two large black pressure water hose connections at the back.
    I followed these hoses and they are connected to a T-connection behind the quick connect panel on the left front. They T off the output from the heat exchanger.
    Behind that panel there is a valve on each of those hoses. If I close the valves the water stops running into the tank.
    Why the valves and should they be open or closed?

    Answer: One hose from the heat exchanger is supposed to be to a 01 size spray jet spraying into the waste tank full time. This keeps the water in motion through the heat exchanger and keeps the thermostat reading the correct temperature. Say for example if this jet gets clogged or you set the cleaning wand down because you are interrupted on a cell phone call. The engine exhaust is 1200 degree F. and blowing over 150 feet of stainless steel tubing in the heat exchanger. This would cause the water to spike to a very dangerous 300 to 500 degrees. This in turn will melt the temperature dial and break the hoses.
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    By keeping the water in motion means the temperature dial is reading the correct temperature and can dump excess steam into the waste tank. This dial controls a solenoid.
    21AN2K0T12XC Granzow: Solenoid Valve 12 Volts 360 degree 1450 Psi (alternative for PP15-808085)
    When the water is hotter than the dial it open the solenoid and sprays additional water into the wast tank to cool down the heat exchanger. This solenoid should be hooked to and 02 spray jet. Please clean the strainers behind the jets on a regular basis.
    Another hose is hooked to the pump thermal relief valve
    7585 JE Adams: Thermal Relief Valve 3/8" Mpt X 1/8 Female Pip Brass with Viton Oring 140 degree Sensor 8.904-565.0
    This monitors the pump head temperature. Again if you set the cleaning wand down and quit cleaning the pump will start getting too hot. When the water temperature on the inside of the pump of over 140 degree F. this will spray water into the waste tank. This hose is not on a spay jet. Please make sure your hoses are hooked up correctly.

    The water in motion jet/ ball valve would only be closed (perpendicular) if your are dual wanding. This is because at least one person is using the water all the time. It is not OK to turn off this ball valve and not be using water! This is very dangerous.
    The solenoid ball valve would only be closed if it gets stuck open. This happens if you do not de-scale the minerals out of the heat exchanger or do not use formulated rinse aid on every job. The ball valve is their so you can turn off this safety feature and finish your job in the event the solenoid is stuck open. Then when you get back to your office you can descale and clean the solenoid.
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