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Low Amp Draw Tile Cleaning Pump?

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  • Low Amp Draw Tile Cleaning Pump?

    Question: I need an external pump for my HTM - the power draw on the generator from the Water Hog is high - I want to use it only for tile &grout and have a low amp 300-400 psi pump that I can externally feed and plug in to my generator - is there such a thing?

    Asnwer: To use a spinner tool, you will get best results if you use a pump with a 2 gpm flow rate.
    The flow rate combines with the psi to provide cleaning unit rating.
    Water Otter: 2 gpm X 1200 psi = 2400 cleaning units @ 15 amps.

    Compare P152 pump
    2 gpm X 1500 psi = 3000 cleaning units @ 17.5 amps
    Cleaning units = speed of cleaning
    Multiple X 2 for heated systems
    This is my favorite
    2700 psi X 2.5 gpm X 2 Hot = 13,500 cleaning units so it will clean at least 5 times faster than the water otter.
    You have to plug into a an inverter-6-30R
    Turn down the psi a bit to draw the amps you want.
    But now you have the power to clean driveways, sidewalks,....

    The 500 psi pumps cost the same as the P152 and the Water Otter so not much sense in purchasing one. If amp draw is a concern we can build one for 4 amps of power.
    All you will be able to do is carpet and upholstery and rinse tile but no pressure washing for your $700.00
    1 gpm @ 500 psi = 500 cleaning unit pumps.