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TM1633 VS TM1433 VS TM1633B VS Synergistic Tuckmounts

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  • TM1633 VS TM1433 VS TM1633B VS Synergistic Tuckmounts

    Question: I am about to buy my first carpet cleaning truckmount and was looking at a few truckmounts on your website. The ones that fit my budget the most are TM1633, TM1633L, TM1633LFlood, TM1433. I was trying to compare them side by side, but cannot decide which one would be the most advantageous.
    Could you tell me what the most significant difference is between them? Which one would you recommend? I'm hoping to use the unit for multiple uses - carpet, upholstery, grout cleaning, water extraction and air duct cleaning.

    Does having a unit with higher HP make a big difference , just not sure if 16 HP is enough or if I would need 20 HP?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

    Peter from Virginia

    Answer: Thanks for your interest.
    The TM1633 is a direct drive unit and are already sold out and it was replaced by the TM1633B The B is for belt drive. The TM1633 direct drive coupler would take about an hour to replace during service while belt changes can take place in 15 minutes.

    The TM1633F is a flood pumper unit and is designed to be used for vacuum recover, filtration and pump out with pressure washer. Some cleaners like mating pressure washer with flood units because it is a more aggressive system that an all-in-one truckmount machines. Example a pressure washer can be 2700 psi @ 250 degrees while a carpet cleaning machine is 2000 psi @ 200 degrees (or less). Example visit

    The TM1433 direct drive is a single cylinder engine but our default truckmount is the Briggs twin cylinder 16 HP unit. The TM1433 is a special order machine and is not in stock.

    The TM1633L mean Lifan engine. This is the same 420 cc engine used on over 90% of the portable generators on the market today. The engine is made in China - hence the low price. This is a direct drive unit.

    The Synergistic machine is the most aggressive truckmount, while the TM1633B Belt Drive Briggs is more popular.

    The difference between a 20HP 36 (335 cfm) blower VS 16HP 33 (200 cfm) blower is quite a bit.
    The vacuum curves at post on our site at


    Please note that all truckmounts clean at the same inches of lift/ HG reading. The difference is cfm and heat and feature (example belt drive, clutched pump, exhaust diverter, auto pump out...)

    In summary you should purchase as much machine as you are comfortable with. In other words, if you business grows (as it will) you will be asked to do more jobs and develop the need for speed. Larger truckmounts offer a faster paced clean.
    During high flow cleaning (example tile cleaning and pressure washing) the larger engines will always do a better job keeping the heat up. The synergistic machines do not care how much water you use. They always clean at the temperature you set the dial.
    For air duct cleaning, naturally the 335 cfm is going to out clean 200 cfm.