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Tm1633b vs tm2036b

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  • Tm1633b vs tm2036b

    Question: Have been using portables for 10 yrs., want to replace with truck mount. Do not know which one to go with, want one for for cleaning carpet only, that includes 200 ft. of vac. and solution hose and live reel, 99%
    of my cleaning is apartment complexes. Need to stay at or under $10,000. I can always add the live reel later if I need to. Also would like to hook up SBMEXK exhaust kit. Have been looking at the following TM1433,TM1633,TM2036,SBM-Scout2045. I would appreciate your suggestion as to the one that would work best for me in my price range along with what the cost would be, I am hoping to purchase within the next 60 days. The unit would be mounted in a GMC 2500 van. Thank you for your time."

    Answer: The TM1633B ("B" for belt drive is the most popular because of the price.) The TM2036 has quite a bit more air flow and is rated for 370 cfm as apposed to the 33 blowers that move 202 cfm. The 20 hp engine produces 25% more BTU's of heat that is helpful in tile and grout cleaning, pressure washing and other high water flow uses. The water pumps used are quit different too. The 16 hp receives a standard AR pressure washing pump while the 20 hp unit will receive and ultra heavy duty Arimituzu or General Pump. Only the TM2036 has the option for a clutch on the pump with exhaust diverters for extended water damage work without having to hook up to water to the pressure pump. The TM2036 has extra horse power encase you want to upgrade to the Knuckle air vacuum relief valve.
    The 20 hp unit is also available with either the 55 gallon or 80 gallon waste tank while the smaller truckmount only come standard with the 55 gallon. Both units are all stainless steel frame and stainless waste tank and would be an excellent choice. Some of the smaller engines even have their own gas tank but these are all single cylinder engines that promote move vibration. All the twin cylinder truckmounts are considerably smoother. All the models would clean with 200 ft of hose with ease and would fit in a van on your size. I so think that with the extra hose and shipping you will break your $10 limit with the 2036 model by a few hundred dollars.