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Mytee Escape ETM for the UK

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  • Mytee Escape ETM for the UK

    Question: Is the mytee escape ETM available for the UK AND IF SO WHAT WOULD THE SHIPPING COSTS BE .
    THANKS Tim/

    Answer: They only make one version of the Escape. It is 230 volts already but needs two sets of 230 volt at 20 amps to run.
    Here in the states a standard electric clothes dryer plug will operate the entire machine because it is 230 volts at 30 amps.
    I would be glad to ship you one, but I need to make sure you have a way to run it.
    We also make a generator plug for it at
    Because the outlets are for USA style outlets, I am sure you will have to re-configure the machine plugs end to make it work on your country.
    Ocean port shipping is usually $1000
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    How do I use a Mytee Escape in 240 volt environment?

    Question: How do I use a Mytee Escape in 240 volt environment?
    Example England, Turkey, Australia...

    The Mytee Escape already is a 240 volt machine. Coming right out of the machine are two power cords that include the NEMA L6-20P (plugs)
    These are already 240 volt male plugs. Simply cut these plugs off and install the plugs you need for your country. These require 20 amp breakers @ 230- 240 volts.

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