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CFM rating of the El Diablo Truckmount

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  • CFM rating of the El Diablo Truckmount

    Question: I was wondering how much cfm the El Diablo truck mount is rated at I know it has 15" of mercury but I do not know the cfm, also it is around 3000 rpm + 100 from what it says on the machine Stephen

    Answer: This is a direct drive truckmount. This means the engine and vacuum pump turn at the same revolutions per minute (rpm). Please visit
    And scroll down the the performance curve link.
    You will notice that at 3000 rpm this machine is moving 325 cfm (cubic feet per minute) open flow.
    The knuckle vacuum relief valve on this machine is set at 14 hg inches of mercury lift or 191 inches of water lift
    This makes the vacuum units at 62,075 (max cfm at 0" of lift X (times) max inches of lift at 0 cfm)

    Please note as a side note, all MasterBlend truckmounts require dealer installation. This means it cannot be shipped to you in a crate. This will make you subject to sales tax.