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Stainless steel frame truckmount and heat exchanger

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  • Stainless steel frame truckmount and heat exchanger

    Question: Hi their...
    I'm looking at the 20/36 model Truckmount. Do you have it in stainless steel bone (frame)? How much does it cost to replace the heat exchanger?
    When it breaks down do I call Steambrite ?
    Thanks MIke
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    Answer: The 2036 Truckmount model is all stainless steel frame and waste tank so it will last a life time.
    A replacement stainless steel heat exchanger currenty cost $800
    Here is what I think we can do...
    we sell extended commercial warranties for 10% more on machines up to $7500 or $750 for two more years beyond the factory parts warranty for this part.
    So let say you want the 2036 with hoses, wand, waste tank, and console for $8999.50
    I just invoice the consol part for $7500 so I can sell the extended warranty for $750
    Then itemize the waste tank, hoses, and wand for the remaining $1500.
    Now your machine will have a 3 year warranty for less than what just a heat exchanger cost.
    The extended warranties for very robust as they cover, on site service, shipping, labor, parts....
    The warranty starts when the factory warranty falls off.
    You can also double this to 4 years for 20% more, so for $1500 you can have a 5 year warranty.
    The extended warranty would not cover the waste tank, hoses or wand since I had to remove it from the truckmount.
    Cleaners Protection Service is currently not offering warranties on machines valued over $7500 so this would be the only way.
    You can purchase additional warranties for the waste tank, hoses and wand for $150 more (10%) of these cost.
    I hope this makes since.
    We stock parts for most all brands of truckmounts so we can help you with any service issues with this model as well as most others.