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IS the Mytee Escape 120 volts or 240 volts?

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  • IS the Mytee Escape 120 volts or 240 volts?

    Question: Dear Donald,
    I am writing to you from Australia.
    I spoke with John an hour ago and he was very helpful.
    After scouring the web for a couple of months I found your fantastic site with extraordinary range of products and excellent pricing.
    I will be making an order for various carpet cleaning products in about two months time. My order will be between $13,000 - $15,000
    Please advise if you can convert the Mytee Escape to Australian 240v. I will be running it off both a generator and from customers circuits when in buildings.
    The price for the conversion would be appreciated.
    Just for interest I spoke to Mytee and advised them that I do not want to buy from the Australian distributor due to their high pricing and Mytee said they specifically wire a unit for the Australian distributor. I asked them can I buy this from “Steam Brite” and they were unhelpful in this regard.
    Yours sincerely Brent
    Mytee Products Escape ETM TruckMount---3 Stage Vacs, 230 CFM, 144 Lift, 70GPM, Auto Fill & Auto Dump, Escape ETM, , by Mytee,.

    Answer: All Mytee Escapes are already 240 volt ready. Let me explain. Normally a 120 volt portable single vacuum motor could be removed out of the machine and plugged directly into a 120 volt wall outlet. In the Mytee Escape case each vacuum motor, water pump, ect is already 240 volts. Here in the USA our current comes in as two 120 volt hot legs of current and a neutral common ground. If I jump the two 120 volt hot legs to each other I get 240 volts. So here in the USA to make this machine run you will see that they provide a converter box that takes the two 120 volt outlets on different breakers/ legs of current and joins them together. Visit all three items at

    So the front panel of the Mytee has two NEMA 6L-20R on it. Mytee provide two power cords that have a male L6-20P X female L6-20R extension cord with the machine that would plug into the power joiner. L6-20P (plugs) and L6-20R (Receptacles) are rated for either 20 amps at 240 volts or two separate 20 amps at 120 volts. I do not have any idea about the current in AU but 60hz USA equipment will run in a 50hz Au environment. The equipment just turns a bit slower but will work fine. In summary I can ship you out default machine and you do not need any special conversion that I know of. But with that said I know that the vacuum motors and water pump are already wired for 240 volts. This machine uses a full 30 amp @ 240 volts to run everything 7200 watts. Please note that the reason for this design is 240 volt motor are way more electrically efficient than 120 volt motors. Each of the L6-20P on the face of the Mytee escape just needs you to provide it 15 amps at 240 volts to work on two different breakers. This will be super easy for you to figure out how to plug in. This design insures that the machine easily toggle back in forth between both 120 and 240 environments with the included converters. For Au I am sure that the mytee provided 6L-20 extension cord can simply have you just change the male plug and you will be ready to go.
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