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  • ETM (electric truck mout) or runing my stuff from outside

    Question: Hi i am looking at getting a Electric based Extractor for carpet cleaning/flood restoration work. i would like to run it mostly as an ETM from the van, I was looking at your "Clean Storm 12gal 500psi Dual 3 Stage Vacuums Auto Fill 20gpm Auto Dump Carpet Cleaning Machine Only (12-3500-AFAD) [12-3500-AFAD]" I was wondering if it is at all possible to get possible two larger vacuum motors in such a unit? Such as a 6.6 or 8.4 motor setup, and if it is possible what would the cost be? (im not sure how the 3 stage motors in there would hold against dual 6.6 vac motors, however i will be looking at running the unit up to 150feet) i know room can be a problem for larger motors and i would want to keep the 500psi pump. I would also like the inline heater you have to offer as well. If i could get a Quote Of this if available sent to my Email i would much appreciate it. Or if you have any other portable units with a Larger vac setup i would be more than happy to explore other options, however i would prefer nothing too costly as this is a small setup that will be part time for our very rural area. Thank you.

    Answer: We already make this same machine with dual 6.6 vacuum motors under part 12-6500-AFAD and this unit will run 150 ft of hose. This unit is available both with and without heat but having a stand alone heater is makes it way easier to hook up because it is always easier to find 3 power cords on 15 amp breakers than two power cords on dedicated 20 amp breakers. Breaking the components up and removing the heater also make the machine lighter to make it easier to remove and re-load from the service vehicle when needed.

    Please note that heated machines have to be filled with hot water from the home as cold water does not work. This means if you leave the machine outside you will have to transfer the hot water from the customers sink, washing machine hook up, or shower head to your van/ trailer.

    Please note that most ETM (Electric Truck Mounts) are designed to operate on four 15 amp breakers to utilize the electricity from and electric clothes dryer and they all items operate from one power cord from the dryer to the truck to operate all 4 items.
    Electric converter starter pack
    This means you have one more leg of 15 amps left to use. In this case I would throw this power at more heat and purchase a dual 15 amp corded heater.
    Volcano 3600 watt heater
    You wrote that you wanted to look at other vacuum options. Please note that amp draw is king. This means the more electricity a vacuum motor consumes the better job it does at drying the carpet. Just a matter of physics. The average amp draw of both power cords with both vacuum motors in a dual 3 stage portable is usually about 18-20 amps, while dual 6.6 vacuum motors is 25 amps. This is true with 8.4 vacuum motors or dual 3 stage with conical bottoms with dual motors at 26 amps. Other 25-26 amp motor designs are posted at in this forum but I could not find the article so I will re-post a short list. I am going to assume you want auto dump/ fill units listed:
    Clean Storm 12-6500-AFAD
    Mytee LTD5 (dual conical bottom motors)
    Jaguar 6.6
    Jaguar 8.4
    Nautilus Extreme
    The majority of the vacuum system in the Goliath series are quad 2 stage series pair 30 amp vacuum system
    Also the Goliath is made in a Quad 6.6 design 50 amp vacuum

    I also want to mention that just because a machine is 'auto dump' does not mean it can really do food work. You should consider machine with auto pump outs that are 30 gallon per minute and discharge out something other than a garden hose.
    Garden hose discharge limits the machine to 10-20 gallons per minute while discharging out a 1.5" diameter hose can remove 30 gallons per minute. Goliath units are dual discharge ported. You pick between discharging out a garden hose on cleans, or 1.5" layflat or vacuum hose on floods. All the 25-26 amp machine in my list above are garden hose discharge ready and limit flood exaction. Most of them use a diaphragm pump under the hood and only discharge 3 gallons per minute. This is fine for 1 gpm carpet cleaning but is no match for flood work.

    Please note that all the Goliath's are made with a vacuum stack pipe check valve. This means it is the only machine/brand that does NOT require that all power cords are plugged in or that all vacuum motors have to be in use to prevent air from sucking backwards through the unused motors. This means the quad 6.6 will run on 1, 2, 3, or 4 vacuum motors depending on the power you want to through at the floor or distance you want to use.

    Mytee Escape is a 40 amp vacuum

    Locomotive is a 45 amp vacuum

    Please note you do not have to sick the water pump under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine just like you do not have to stick an in line heater under the hood of a carpet cleaning machine. Again this always makes it easier to plug in lower amp draw equipment. Look at the Water Otter

    The amp draw at 1200 psi is 15 amps so this means, like other pressure washers, at 0 psi it will use 7.5 amps to start and 1 amp per 200 psi you ask it to push. 500 psi uses 2.5 amp + start 7.5 = 10 amps.
    The cost to add a 500 psi pump under the hood of any carpet cleaning machine is the same as this 1200 psi. With 500 psi you can only rinse tile floors, but with 1200 psi you can pressure wash tile floors.
    Here is an example of a 4 power cord system, each using 15 amps so you can use one power cord from the clothes dryer to run all 4 items/cords:
    Dual 15 amp Goliath flood pumper
    Water Otter
    Volcano 1750 watt heater
    Package advantage is more vacuum and better dry times, more pressure for faster tile cleaning (heater can only be used below 500 psi)
    Other quad 15 amp systems (single clothes dryer power cord)
    Goliath SBM-GO-A (two 15 amp cords) + Clean Storm 6720 (two 15 amp cords)
    This set up kicks butt and I love this pressure washer. Plugs in everywhere and now you open yourself to tile cleaning at 1500 psi (25% faster than 1200 psi) and outdoor concrete work at 2100 psi. Why walk over all the money to get into the home? You need to make money on the drive way, tile entry and then the carpet. The Goliath 30 amp vacuum system dries the carpet 20% faster than 25-26 amp vacuum systems.
    "Tim the Tool Man Taylor -More Power" kind of guy would purchase the Goliath 50 amp (4 power cord) unit and throw a power cord to the front porch and take your ETM to a 65 amp draw system. Example 3 (15 amp) cords on 37.5 amp vacuum + 2 for the pump.
    So where to you stop throwing more power to your ETM, it is up to you...

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