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Compare Vaccum performacne: Goliath quad 6.6 portable VS 20 hp 36 blower truckmount

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  • Compare Vaccum performacne: Goliath quad 6.6 portable VS 20 hp 36 blower truckmount

    Goliath Quad 6.6 vacuum
    Quad (4) Ametek Lamb 122234-18 6.6 Vac Motor 120 volts
    Note each vacuum motor is on it's own power cord using 12.5 amps of power
    Twin series pair configuration
    340 cfm
    215" lift (15.8 hg)
    73,100 vacuum units
    50 amp total vacuum system

    Tuthill 3006 vacuum pump
    Full throttle engine speed 3400 rpm
    330 cfm @ 207" water lift (14 hg)
    68,310 vacuum units

    We have a large list of truckmount performance posted on the bottom of webpage

    It is possible to belt drive and turn the 36 blower up to 3600 rpm to turn it faster than a gasoline engine.
    This could take the vacuum pump up to 370 cfm at sea level and drive the performance up to 76,590 vacuum units.
    So far to date I always seen all brands turn the vacuum pump to 3400 rpm for longer pump life.

    Goliath Quad 6.6 vacuum is the 1st electric portable to exceed the vacuum performance of a 20 hp 36 blower truckmount.
    Its smaller brother SBM-GO-A was the first to exceed the performance of a 33 blower truckmount at 42,500 vacuum units.
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    If you look at the Sapphire Scientific 370 Truck mount is not really 370 cfm as they only turn this unit at a 1 to 1 ratio with the engine.
    When you look at the performance chart of the Ti406 blower and then scroll down the vacuum side of the chart and look at the performance of the blower at 3387 rpm, we are at 317 cfm open flow.
    The 370 owner's manual states it turn at 3387 RPM
    This makes the Goliath Quad 6.6 beat the Sapphire Scientific 370 in vacuum performance in both inches of lift and cfm.
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