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Locomotive Hybrid Truckmount Max hose length, psi, and heat?

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  • Locomotive Hybrid Truckmount Max hose length, psi, and heat?

    Question: Velocity Technologies: Hurricane Electric and Gas Carpet Cleaning Truckmount ETM Hybrid Truckmount HTM. Is this unit capable of operating daily for a hard surface cleaning business with the use of up to 250 ft. hose. This would be maintain 1200 psi and 200 degrees +?
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    Answer: As far has hose distance this is a 45 amp vacuum system and can easily run 300 ft of hose. See link below for formulas

    You can see the 45 amp formula X 6.5 = 292.50 ft
    and the vacuum unit formula 73,000 vacuum units divided by 250 = 292.00 ft
    The average between these formulas is 292.25 ft.

    As will all electric truckmounts, you always need to start off with the customer supplied hot water. This is usually 110 to 120 degrees F. This water is transferred outside with rubber garden hose and then is boosted with the vacuum motors exhaust. Vacuum motors exhaust will boost the water to 140 degrees F. Even though the exhaust of the vacuum motors is 180 degree, the max rise is 140 because the machine has a 140 degree safety sensor installed on it to protect the inbound water pump temperature. Any water that is over 140 is automatically discharged to the waste tank. If under 140 the travels to the water pump. When the generator is on, this heater will also add up to 30 degrees to the 140 degree F. This would place the average cleaning temperature at 140 running as an all electric system and about 170 degree on the generator.

    The max psi for this model electric motor is 950 psi (max pressure for pump head is rated for 1200 psi) Max psi for combined motor and head is 950 psi.