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Scout Kohler Engine Truckmount White Wire Hook up

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  • Scout Kohler Engine Truckmount White Wire Hook up

    Question: Customer has a old scout truckmount and had a new engine put in now he has a white wire loose and not connected. truckmount runs fine and gets hot.
    its a white wire going from the solenoid at the bottom right of the machine, I think its a temp solenoid ? any help or a manual would be great Tod

    Answer: The white wire on the Kohler engines is connected to the low oil, no oil shut down. This is usually connected to an oil pressure switch near the oil filter.
    This is also used to control safety sensors that can hook to truckmount waste tank high level shut down, or low or no water pressure (like fresh water tank is empty)


    The white wire works like the lawn mowers that had a metal tab hanging over the spark plug and when you push the tab on top of the spark plug you ground out the ignition coil and it turns off the machine.

    I think your calling a solenoid an item that is a nason pressure sensor. These are set to 20 psi and is designed that if the garden hose is not turned on the the machine thinks it is out of oil and will not start.