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Heated Tile Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Carpet Cleaning Business Package 17761989

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  • Heated Tile Cleaning, Pressure Washing and Carpet Cleaning Business Package 17761989

    Heated Tile Cleaning and Pressure Washing To Your Carpet Cleaning Business Package [17761989] Goliath Quad 6.6 HW204EMD BE12000 TH15 Bundle Question and answers session.

    Questions and Answers:
    Q. What is the maximum recommended hose length?
    A. 350 Feet of 2" vacuum hose. Vacuum can operate 14 and 15" wide cleaning tools.

    Q. Will the Quad 6.6 operate on an electric clothes dryer plug?
    A. Yes and the power cable to hook to either the NEMA 10-30 or the 14-30 receptacle are already included in the package. You can be up to 100 feet away from the drier connection and still use this package.
    Quad 6.6 Twin series pair configuration
    340 cfm
    215" lift (15hg)
    73,100 vacuum units
    50 amp total vacuum system
    (same performance of a 20 hp 36 blower gasoline truckmount)
    Vacuum can operate on 2, 3 or all 4 power cords as a portable.

    Q. What is the performance number on this bundle?
    A. 73,100 vacuum units Plus 6000 Cleaning Units/Speed Plus 208,000 Btu of heat = 287,100 Performance units. This is more performance than 75% off all truckmounts on the market today.
    You can lay on the trigger full time and the water is always 200 degrees.
    6000 cleaning units means you can drive you tools right outside and clean the sidewalk and driveway for extra cash.

    Q. What are the package advantages?
    A. Can be a truckmount or a portable. Vacuum system can be taken out of the truck be used a portable with either a high flow extraction kit or if you have a ramp, roll the pressure washer inside (you cannot operate the heat in the building) One package for all the indoor and outdoor work, truckmount or portable. At max power the system takes six 15 amp power cords. Since if operates on 15 amp breakers, it operates everywhere. No need worrying about tripping breakers. You could operate 4 cords on the clothes dryer plug, one on the front porch, and one in the garage or inside the front door (or washing machine plug). The vacuum can also be operated on as little as two power cords if under 150 feet of vacuum hose. Optional just turn a key on the generator and power everything up and be self contained. Already water extraction flood ready with 30 gallon auto dump pump. Other truckmount system cost $1500 to $2000 for auto dump. Package includes more start up chemicals and tools than most others. Tile wand has included snap on wheels to drive it right outside to cleaning the driveway. The advantage of the TH15 tool is it is already rated for 200 degree F hose. Not all tile wands are. Bundle already includes the Pro4000 upgraded solution hose.

    Q. What are the package disadvantages?
    A. No electric rewind vacuum reel and not power wand (Like a Hoss 700, Rotovac 360XL, or Mytee Trex), and no speed perimeter crevice tool. Pump does not offer any type of chemical injection for the rinse aid. All chemicals have to be presprayed (really not that big of a deal). No tie down ratchet straps included.