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Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS Escape Quad 6.6 LX Vacs Bundle 71788039 Tank, Generator, Tools

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  • Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS Escape Quad 6.6 LX Vacs Bundle 71788039 Tank, Generator, Tools

    Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS Escape Quad 6.6 LX Vacs 600Psi Electric TruckMount Starter Package Tools Wands Generator 71788039

    Questions and Answers:
    Q. Will this machine operate on a standard electric clothes dryer outlet?
    A. NO, uses way too much electricity!

    Q. What will happen if I used on a standard 389cc or 420cc generator?
    A. I expect the generator will operate but something is going to give. This would be like me selling you a car with a top end speed of 120 miles and hour and you try to drive it 140 miles an hour every time you get behind the wheel. Every single generator manufacturer recommends that your actual use rating be at least 20% higher that the normal run capacity of the generator. This machine uses 70 amp or 8400 watts of power and his is with the electric heaters turn OFF. That means the run capacity really should be 10,000 watt run and that is the Escape only.
    This would place the surge or starting capacity at about 12000 watts. A 459cc generator or larger using premium fuel or ethanol free fuel to run. E85 and E87 fuel would not be recommended! Please note the generator would also have to be grounded or bonded to the building. We have discussion in our forums on how to bond the generator to the building.

    Q. Is their any electricity left over running both the Escape and Hydrotek heater on the 459cc generator?
    A. No, it is all used up! Please do not plug any other items into this generator with operating all 5 power cords. Please only operate premium or ethanol free fuel with synthetic oil!

    Q. What are the package advantages?
    A. A true truckmount suction power with 76,000 vacuum units is super impressive and will easily operate 400 feet of 2"ID vacuum hose. You will never need a booster. Easily enough power to operate 14" and 15" wide tools. True APO 30 Gpm Flood and water extraction removal. Other truckmounts make you pay up to an additional $1500 to add auto pump out, but already included. With the included transport tray, remove from service vehicle and ride up the elevator for high rise work. No need to purchase a portable for portable work (ramp recommended and not included in bundle). When using as a portable, this machine will operate on 2,3, or all 4 power cords. 76,000 vacuum units is similar suction power that most 25Hp and 27Hp truckmounts yet achieved with a 17Hp generator. This means for the suction achieved you are burning less fuel. 300,000 BTU of non stop heat! This is easily more energy than 2 truckmounts. On board water supply mean faster set up times. Mytee is currently including a free water transfer pump on the date I wrote the discussion but do expect this to be removed later as 95% of all carpet cleaners do not carry water on their vans or trailers. The only companies that usually carry fresh water are those that specialize in cleaning empty homes and apartments and do not want to prequalify that the water is turned on. The problem with that is if the water is off, the electricity might be off too. Now while you have your own on board generator to clean the floors, you will not be able to dry the building without electricity so these are jobs you should not be doing anyway... Package includes electric rewind vacuum hose reel! I have to tell you this is one thing you will appreciate as manual roll up when you have already spent calories cleaning the building, it is nice to just push the button and let the reel wind up the vacuum hoses for you. Package includes the generator bonding package.

    Q. What are the package disadvantages?
    A. Requires a 3/4 or 1 ton van or trailer to carry water. Package does not include everything you will need to install this equipment. The fresh water tank does include mounting system but does not include any jumper hoses to hook to the Mytee transfer pump. Cost more to drive around town. Freshwater is super heavy. This water pump delivery system is 500 psi X 1.5 Gpm = 750 Cleaning Units. This is fine for carpet and upholstery and some tile. The faster tile cleaning systems will usually have a cleaning unit number between 2400 to 3150 Cleaning Units. To be able to drive the cleaning tools on the sidewalk and driveway the cleaning unit number would need to be 2000 psi @ 3 Gpm or 6000 Cleaning Units. Package does not include any mounting system. You would need large eyelet bolts and ratchet straps to secure load. Bundle does not include electric power wands (like a Trex, 360XL, or Hoss 700) or vertical or horizontal prescubing system (CRB17 or carpet shampooer). I also feel it is too bad that Mytee designed the vacuum motors to operate at 15 Amps each removing its ability to plug into an electric close dryer plug as well as when using as a portable being to operate on 15 amp breakers (requires 20 amp breakers). The standard Quad 6.6 systems designed by Ametek Lamb had this in mind. They had to tweak and boost and turn this into a Tim the Toolman Taylor extreme system thereby eliminating 15 amp breaks and operating on the clothes dryer plug. Example see package 17761989 operates on 6 15 amp breakers. This package is also missing a recommended hose mount lint filtration system like the Mytee F200 or AC10Clear.

    Q. What is the performance number for this package?
    A. Vacuum units: 76,000 + 750 Cleaning Unit speed + 300,000 BTU = 376,750 Performance units. Please note that is double many other truckmounts even though achieved with a 17 hp generator!

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