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Upgrading the vacuum, is bigger better?

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  • Upgrading the vacuum, is bigger better?

    I need to buy a replacement motor for my airhog.
    Q: If you used: Max Vac 2 Stage 5.7 Inch High Performance Vacuum Motor PO932STD Max 093 [PO932STD] in the Goliath why would I used the original LX vacuum motor that Mighty selected?

    Also, I feel more suction power at the hose end (50’ run) with your booster on the airhog than I do when I connect the airhog as a booster to the escape (50’ hose then airhog connected with another 50’ hose. 100’ total). How can that be? In truth, I would like to run a “permanent booster” to my escape and use the airhog and hotbox when I do not have access from van. Or, do you have a “kit” that I can bolt on to convert my escape into the LX-Plus only using your max vac motors? Thanks.

    Answers: We have several Goliaths that are manufactured.

    Quad 2 stag, Quad 6.6, and dual 3 stage with a 1500 psi pump.
    What ever you have or had in the machine, I strongly recommend you put back in place.
    Please do not switch or try to upgrade the vacuum system.

    The Quad 2 stage units have quad 7.5 amp motors and a pair of these running on one power cord = 15 amps
    The Mytee LX motors draw 14 amps each so if you if you place in another machine, you have to keep this in mind. Likewise if you place the Max Vac's in another machine, the amps have to work out to make sure you have the power you want and yet still will not trip the breakers. The sizes of these motors is completely different so switching in either direction will not be easy.

    As stated in my other post, I think Mytee did the industry a dis-justice by tweaking up the original 6.6 motors from 12.5 amps to 14 amps. Quad 6.6 12.5 amp motors run perfectly on an electric close dryer plug, and operator perfectly on a 420cc generator, and will plug into any 15 or 20 amp outlet. In other words it plugs in everywhere. The quad 6.6 Mytee installed now requires a 459cc generator, cannot operate on an electric clothes dryer plug and has to plug into dedicated 20 amp breakers. This is a real problem and super expensive. I cleaned over 20 million sq feet of carpet with a 5 corded electric truckmount from 1980 to 2000. During that time, I always plugged into the customers supplied electricity and hardly ever had to use my backup generator. Almost everybody has and electric clothes dryer plug or oven plug which operated 4 of my cords and the 5 cord I just threw to the porth plug or in the garage. I never tripped any breakers because nothing was stressed out. This is the opposite of the quad 6.6 from Mytee. Yes we just went from a 50 amp vacuum to a 60 amp vacuum and 60 amp vacuum does work better. But look at the cost in fuel, energy, time, cost of the generator purchase. 420cc generators cost hundreds less then 459cc. 20 - 30% less. Use less fuel and almost never have to even use the generator since the machine plugs in everywhere. Is bigger better? Yes and no. 60 amp vacuum will dry the carpet 10% faster than a 50 amp vacuum but you are going to spend way more time setting up and taking down all the cords. With and electric cloth dryer plug, you simply take one power cord from the outlet and walk to the van and the one power cord operates all four 12.5 amp power cords. Every customer that has ever felt a 50 amp vacuum, has never wanted for more. This is plenty of suction power and cfm. Operating a 459cc generator cost 1 gallon of fuel per hour and after a year of cleaning, you spent an extra $2000 on fuel that you could have placed in your pocket.

    We do not have any kits to converts escapes or boosters.

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