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Using a SteamBrite Steamer 47 truckmount for the first time

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  • Using a SteamBrite Steamer 47 truckmount for the first time

    1. Is this Steambrite Steamer 47 a dual wand system?
    Answer: Short dual wand, under 200 ft per hose while both wands on the floor.

    2. I see 3 ports each labeled "Hot". I'm just wondering what each one does:
    - the one on the lower left with no label
    - the one in the middle labeled "Carpet Clean"
    - the one in the upper right labeled "Vacuum"
    After a pre-spray and/or agitation, which one of these ports would I use for extraction?

    Answer: Many of these machines had an engine exhaust bypass system. This would let you pick to blower the 1200-degree engine exhaust through the heat exchanger or around the heat exchanger through and muffler, or through both.
    Example if I was vacuuming only, like to suck up flood waters, I do not need heat and would want to push the hot air around the heat exchanger.
    If I was cleaning carpet and tile, I would want to have the hottest water possible to I would have all the engine exhaust go through the heat exchanger.
    If I was cleaning upholstery, I might open both as this is a low flow cleaning system and does not need as much heat.

    3. I understand one of the quick-connects is for a water hose but am unsure of what the other does.
    Answer: A send hot water, high pressure out connection was provided so customers could have one tech pre-spraying, while the other was rinsing or for dual wanding at the same time.