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Can the Mytee Escape PLUS really product 350 CFM?

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  • Can the Mytee Escape PLUS really product 350 CFM?

    Testing Company Name Max Inches of Lift @ Zero CFM / RPM / Amps Max CFM @ Zero inches of Lift / RPM / Amps Vacuum Units
    Max Inches of Lift X Max CFM
    Mytee 1 Motor NA / 173 CFM / ? 173 CFM / ?? RPM / 15 Amps NA
    Ametek 1 Motor 114.9" / 34,570 RPM / 10 amp 171.6 CFM / 26,407 RPM / 17.5 amps 19,717
    Steambrite (900 ft above sea level) 131.8" / ? RPM ? / 9.3 amp 152.7 CFM / ?? RPM / 15.5 amps (see video) 20,125
    2 Vac Motors in Air Series Below
    Mytee 182" 225 CFM 40,950
    Ametek 195.33" 214.5 CFM 41,898
    SteamBrite 204" (15 HG) 214.5 CFM 43,758
    3 motors in Air Series Below
    Mytee Plus 238" (17.5 HG) 350 CFM ?? 83,300
    SteamBrite 238" (17.5 HG) 242 CFM 57,594
    Inches of lift is how high you can pick up a 1" diameter collumn of water above sea level when it reach zero cfm.
    Cfm is cubic feet per minute at zero inches of lift.
    Vacuum units is Max inches of lift at zero CFM X (times) CFM @ zero inches of lift.
    Mytee never publishes the inches of water lift on there vacuum motors but Ametek does. See link factory brochure below.
    The average vacuum motor increase of inches of lift is usually 70% of the motor in front of it with most models of vacuum motors
    Example a 100" lift single vacuum motor in 2 motor series can product 170" of lift.
    A 3rd motor is now going to be 70% of the 2 motor, or 49% of its self added to the performance of 2 motors.
    170" lift (2 motors) + 49" (for 3rd motor) = 219" Total
    CFM can product a 25% increase of the vacuum motor in front of it.
    Example a 100 CFM Single motor now with 2 in series can now be 125 CFM total.
    Adding a 3rd motor is 25% of the 25% of the 2nd motor or 6.25% increase of Max CFM.
    Mytee added a 3rd 6.6 vacuum motor in series the Plus line up would be 242 CFM and not 350 CFM with 238" of lift = 57,594 vacuum units
    If Mytee added a 3rd vacuum motor in parallel then you could add the 152 cfm on top of the 214.5 cfm = 350 CFM (Mytee published) with 204" of lift = 71,400 Vacuum units
    One of the older versions of the Mytee Escape used to include a parallel mounted single 6.6 vacuum booster and at the that time they published up to 350 cfm on that combination assembly. Mytee does not have any documentation that the current LX-Plus is 350 cfm nor will they ever as it is not possible.
    On 2021-11-18 I was able to confirm all 3 vacuum motors are in series confirming 350 cfm is not correct.
    Average amp draw with 150 ft of vacuum hose and a wand on the carpet would be an average 13.75 amps draw X 3 motors = 41.25 amps @120 volts.
    A 57,594 vacuum units would be normal for this amount of electricity consumed.
    Compare to the Goliath Quad 6.6 340 CFM X 215" (15.8"HG) of Lift = 73,100 vacuum units with an average amp draw 44.4 amps.
    Here is more information: The factory states the max cfm is 171.6 CFM for one motor. Mytee states 2 motors in series is 225 CFM or 53.4 cfm increase from 1 motor to 2 motors. In algebra this is 53.4 cfm X 100 = 53400 = 171.6X
    X = % of improvement from 1 motor to 2 motors = 31.12% increase in CFM from 1 motor to 2 motors. While the normal increase is 25% and Mytee states they are getting 31.12% increase. This might be possible as single stage vacuum motor push more cfm that 2 and 3 stage vacuum motors.
    This mean assuming Mytee's math is correct on increase of performance, 31.12% cfm increase the motor in front of the 3rd vacuum motor is .3112 X 53.4 cfm = increase of cfm from 2 to 3 motors OR 16.62 cfm. Mytee escape plus triple 6.6 motor should be 225 cfm for 2 motor + 16.62 cfm for the 3rd series motor OR 242 CFM or 57,595 vacuum units.
    In conclusion Mytee should not post that the triple 6.6 vacuum system is 238" inches of lift and 350 cfm. If they want to publish 238" of lift (3 motors in air series) they should post the 242 cfm. If they want to post 350 cfm, they should be posting 204" of water lift (2 motor in series and one parallel). It cannot be both. Since the currently 2021 design is in air series the 204" X 350 cfm is not correct. I have to assume this was math carried over from the quad 6.6 system they used to sell in a twin series pair configuration. The Goliath quad 6.6 also toggles between 340-350 cfm and this is correct. I have been testing carpet cleaning machines for over 40 years and the physics do not lie but Manufactures do not like to recend there published numbers since 99+% are new to the industry do not know any better any way. The miss information helps sell machines.
    The 238" of lift is impressive and easy to test with a vacuum gauge so when you place your hand over the hose, you can tell this machine will perform very well.
    238" Lift and 242 cfm with a 41.25 amp average vacuum system will run 300 ft of vacuum hose with ease more than enough suction power to use larger 14 and 15 inch diameter wands and dry the carpet well.

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