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Strongest ETM: Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS VS Goliath Quad 6.6 1200psi 30 GPM

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  • Strongest ETM: Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS VS Goliath Quad 6.6 1200psi 30 GPM

    Question: How does the Strongest ETM on the market compare: Mytee ETM-LX-PLUS VS Goliath Quad 6.6 1200psi 30 GPM?
    CFM Inches Of Lift Vacuum units / Amps
    Max CFM X Max inches of lift
    Max PSI Max Gpm Cleaning Units
    Max PSI X Max GPM
    Max Auto Dump Speed GPM Max Performance Units
    Cleaning Units + Vacuum Units
    Mytee Escape ETM-LX-PLUS 242 Tested 237" 57,354 / 42 Amps 1000 2.2 2200 3.3 59,554
    Goliath Quad 6.6 Vacs 1200 psi 30 Gpm Bundle 20220529 340 211 71,740 / 50 amps 1200 2.2 2400 30 74,140
    Mytee Escape has 3 larger amp draw vacuum motors all in air series (350 foot max length)
    Goliath is a Twin air series pair parallel (400 foot max length)
    Mytee water pump is suction feed and regulated to lower amp draw.
    Goliath is a pressure feed pump so psi and water temperature will always be higher and hotter.
    Mytee Escape Auto dump is external diaphragm pump and requires more aggressively filtered water.
    Goliath is a submersible stainless steel flood pump and can handle 1/2" solids.
    Myee Escape operates on a single 14-30 P clothes drier cord (wand on the floor recommended) with an optional function of 2 vacuum motors and 500 psi with 2 power cords with optional Reverse14-30 Power supply box.
    Goliath bundle 20220529 can operate on 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 standard wall outlets, and includes the ability to plug into either 10-30 P or 14-30P electric clothes drier outlet. Example one cord would be one vacuum and high flow extraction cleaning, 2 cords one vacuum and one pump, or 2 for vacuum and high flow water building pressure.
    Both systems use about the same electricity of 7200 watts. Mytee is all on one power cord while the Golaith is spread over more copper cords. In fact the Golath can operate completely on all 15 amp breakers and does not need 20 amp breaker building or even a 240 volt outlet.
    Mytee Escape requires optional wheel kit to be portable.
    The Goliath is already on wheels and no team lifting or ramp required
    For using a generator a 457- 459cc or larger recommended for either package. The Goliath could operate the vacuum on a 420cc generator and then throw the water pump cord up to the outlet on the front porch. The Escape cannot be broken up into small amp draw uses since it only has one power cord.
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