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  • Quick Explanation if Possible

    What are these parts:

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    Truckmount parts

    A. Vacuum waste water tank.
    B. Heat exchanger. I cannot tell if it runs off the engine exhaust or the vacuum blower exhaust.
    C. Filter box. This is where the carpet fibers and hair are seperated from the dirty water. This way when you dump your dirty water, the water is not chunky.
    D. Muffler. Used to quited either the engine or blower noise depending on what it is hooked to.
    E. Vacuum Blower muffler.


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      correct me if im wrong but is the vaacuum hose supposed to be connected to the filter box and the the other end is connected to the end of the carpet wand...

      and for the vacuum blower muffler do i need to connect any type of hose to the end of it... i was told that i need to run it through the bottom of the truck...


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        truckmount van set up

        The vacuum hose that is resting coiled up on the passenger side of the vacuum would go to your carpet cleaning wand on one side and hooked to the filter box on the other side of the vacuum hose.
        The best way to mount the vacuum blower muffler is under the van because the floor space is valuable. You only hook up a hose between the vacuum blower and the muffler but you do not need to hook a hose to the end of the vacuum blower.