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looking at truckmounted cleaning machines

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  • looking at truckmounted cleaning machines

    Question: I need advise on a truck mount. I bought a century 400 ninja deluxe from you, a few years back. the water pressure motor still cycles when the trigger is off. so, I need info on parts for my ninja AND info on the right truck mount for me. the record should show that I have been a good customer in the past.

    I'm trying to step up and need advise. I would appreciate some down to earth advise on which truck mounts I should consider.

    Answer: I need more information to help you. The water pumps only turn off when you release the trigger on 100 and 150 psi models. All the 200 psi + models the pump stays running all the time. Please clarify what model you have.
    Purchasing a truck mount, many times, is more about budget and how you plan using the machine than anything else. Do you need to run dual wand (more horse power), are you primarily going to clean tile and grout (more heat), do you want to carry clean water with you and if so how much (good for vacant homes and apartments), do you want to be able to vacuum water out of flooded homes without having to hook the machine to a garden hose, do you want auto dump (great for cleaning restaurants and tile and flood restoration). The more features you add, drives the price up.