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    i've inherited an old truckmount that still works. any idea how hard it would be to get parts for a SteamAction Hercules Time Machine? Has a 25 hp Kohler engine, Roots Blower and 2258B Hypro Pump. Any thoughts on how to get parts? Would also like to reconfigure how it heats water, to a heat exchanger. Is this possible?

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    truckmount parts

    Parts are available for each of the major components you have. It is possible to manufacture a heat exchanger, with or without a exhaust diverter, but usually easier to replace it with an external heater (propane or kerosene). To have us quote a replacement heat exchanger, you have to draw up all the measurements you want the heater to be all the water and exhaust connections and email it to us at [email protected]. We do not design the outside of the heater, you do and then we design the inside and build it.