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    1. the main unit is just the vacuum?
    2. does the adapter allow for both these units to plug in to the dryer power outlet?
    3. Do you have to remove the unit from the van to empty water or is there a hose you can hook up that you can simply hook to the dump outlet?
    4. is the machine good for someone just getting started in the business, easy to use?
    5. Yes appears you need the pressure washer which is your water source?
    6. While you are operating the Goliath with Complete Heat Heater system how much real temperature the machine will produce at the end of the wand if I connect it to sink with cold /40-50 degrees /water and continuously work with the wand , is it possible to reach 212 F or will be less

    1. Yes,
    2. one dryer cord runs all three 115 volt cords. and can you use more than 50 ft of power cord? an industrial high current extension cord? Yes you can if you use 12 awg or 10 awg cord.
    3. The auto dump has dual discharge port option. Garden hose for cleaning, or 1.5" vac hose for flood extraction. Any remaining water in the waste tank could be dumped in a 5 gallon pail because it will not be very much water - only what is left after the auto dump as dumped.
    4. Yes, easy to use. This is one of the only electric machine options that is going to have enough power to leave in the truck, clean tile, ac ducts, carpet and pressure wash.
    5. your are correct. You can also used High Flow Extraction and use building pressure with large jets OR you can use the model with the internal 500 psi water pump
    6. To begin with cold tap water is usually about 65 degrees F. The heat exchanger on the Goliath has been tested and can produce up to a 30 degree rise and the electric heater about a 20 degree rise in F cleaning carpet. If you use both a 50 degree rise would be normal. We do not recommend that you use any non fuel heating systems to heat cold water rather to boost hot water. Normally water coming out of a customer hot water sink is about 110 degrees F and this means you could get as much as 160 degree for cleaning. The actually temperature rise is going to be determined based on the total tip size on your cleaning wands and how often you trigger that wand. For example an upholstery tool uses half as much water as most carpet cleaning wands and most power wands use twice as much water as most dual jet carpet cleaning wands, and most tile cleaning wands use as much water as power wands because you squeeze the trigger twice often. Now if you set the cleaning tool down the thermostats on the heater will turn off the heater at about 200 degrees and when you pick the wand up and start cleaning the heater will turn itself back on again.

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    Goliath & Heated Mitho

    What model generator and wattage would you reccomend to run both unit from the van? Thanks


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      10000 watt generator

      BE Pressure Supply PowerEase 9000 watt Generator Electric Start 7100 watt run free shipping , BE-9000ER, Generators-Consumer Portable, Electrical Generators, by BE Pressure Supply,   This generator will give you 50 more output power than the BE-65...
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        Donald, that is work well in 10000 watts?
        Mold Removal Tips


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          Goliath and a generator

          I do not understand the question??? I just stated that the Goliath package will operate on a 10,000 watt generator. Please rephrase the question.


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            Goliath Auto dump

            Question: on the Goliath you showed how it automatically pumped out the water which is great, but you had a a bold writing on top saying that is with the vacumn lid off. does that mean the auto pump out does not work with the vac lid on?

            This might just be the portable am looking for

            Answer: The performance of all auto dump machines are about half with the vacuum "on" as they are "off." In other words the Goliath can push about 33 gallon of water through a 1-1/2" dump hose with the vacuum off but during use, you could expect about half of this figure. All auto dump machines will continue to dump with the machine in use and the vacuum "On." They have a float on the inside of the water tank and only turn on when the wast tank is at least a 1/4 full. The other consideration is the discharge hose diameter. If you turn on a garden hose full blast, it will push about 5 gallons a minuet through the hose. With this said if you are going to suck water out of a flooded location, you would need to use the larger 1.5" ID discharge hose instead of the garden hose. The Goliath is dual discharge ported so you can select what hose diameter you want to use based on where you are cleaning or performing flood restoration work.


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              Goliath VS the Jaguar 6.6

              QUESTION: hi , used to check often your website and as a cleaning company always looking the best.
              i have a question , witch portable extractor is the most powerful?
              i was reading for Cross-American Jaguar 6.6 or you may suggest a better one

              ANSWER: The Goliath offers more heat. Only because of these feature you could achieve better and faster cleaning results.
              First of all it is really not fair to complete machines that draw different amp draws because power consumption is in direct relation to cleaning efficiency.
              The Goliath too is made with and without heaters. It is made with and a heat exchanger heater and an electric heater. Because the heat exchanger on the Goliath can add up to a 30 degree raise it can double your cleaning efficiency. The optional 1800 watt electric heater will had another 20 degrees to double it again. Now with the heat removed let us look at some other comparisons...
              For low amp draw the Jaguar 6.6 offers a better Vacuum Units (maximum cubic feet per minute <CFM> @ Zero inches of lift X (times) maximum inches of lift @ Zero CFM) per amp of power consumed. Jaguar is stated by the factory to have 39,000 vacuum units while the Goliath is at 42,500 vacuum units.
              Now let compare water temperature. The Jaguar has a fresh water tank the the water has to come into the tank is is aerated by the ambient room temperature, waits for few minutes to get sucked into the pump before it goes down to the cleaning wand. This results in a 10 degree temperature loss. (please remember from my other articles that every 18 to 20 degree doubles the speed of the water molecules vibration) The Goliath uses a direct connect water system. The water goes right from the sink into the pump and then onto the carpet. Minimal loss in water temperature.
              Now let us compare the pump systems. The Jaguar 6.6 uses an 800 psi pump and the max pressure you can clean carpet at without damaging it is about 550 on Saxony and Plush carpets and 650 on direct glue down. The Jaguar sucks water out of the fresh tank so you would experience a drop in pressure between squeezing the wand and not squeezing the wand. The Goliath is a direct connect system so the pressure gauge would not experience pressure swings between use and non use. In summary I would state in a commercial cleaning situation the Jaguar would out clean the Goliath non heated model. More pressure and more vacuum with a 10 degree loss in temperature. Because of the higher pump pressure the Jaguar would allow you to stroke the carpet slightly faster than the Goliath. In a home cleaning and the Jaguar is cleaning at 550 and the Goliath at 500, they would clean about the same. The added water temperature would make up for the 50 degree is pressure difference. The heated Goliath models would be a hands down winner in cleaning. The Goliath Compete Heat model with a 50 degree rise is just too huge.
              Both machines are way better than most other machines on the market. You would be happy with either selection.

              Jaguar 6.6 starter package
              Cross American Jaguar 6.6 auto fill auto dump 800 psi Carpet Cleaning Starter Package, Jaguar 6.6, Cross American, Portable Extractors by Brand, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Cross American,   JAGUAR 6.6 Carpet Cleaning Starter Package Pr...

              Goliath options:
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