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    is there a safer alternative to using descaler in cleaning the hard water deposits? The water softener systems are expensive, but i've been told the acids of the descaler will wear out the brass in the truckmount. Is CLR a good choice?

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    descaling your carpet cleaning machine

    CLR will work but it too is an acid. Please note that some acids, like formic and muradic (I am not sure I spelled that correctly) dissolve nylon. Nylon is used on the inside of many pumps to hold the valve chamber and used in 80% of all carpet. It is certainly safer to use a formulated descaling product for the carpet cleaning industry. You need to make sure that the acid you use will not harm carpet or nylon like the one listed below.
    Shazaam Descaler System Maintainer - 1 Gallon, SBM5000, , by Shazaam, Directions First dispose empty any old contents from inside fresh water tank. Shake De-scaler before use. Option 1 Use to maintain equipment on a daily bases. At the end of every day...