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How to increase heat on truckmounts

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  • How to increase heat on truckmounts

    Q. Customers ask how to increase the water temp on bypass style truckmounts.

    Their are a couple of things you need to check on the machine because you should be able to clean at 180 to 200 degree F.
    1. Please note you can turn the water temp bypass up on the temperature gauge. Use an Allen wrench to move the temp up to 230 degree.
    2. Make sure that the two needles are not stuck together on the temp gauge.
    3. Remove the waste tank lid and start the machine. Please make sure that the dema water steam valve is not dumping steam into the waste tank all the time.
    4. Start the unit and let run at low rpm (1500-1600) while you are setting up the hoses, moving furniture etc. Before start cleaning increase rpm to 3150 to 3300. Allow unit to run for two to three minutes to heat up. Go to the wand open bypass slowly and hold on to female QD and feel for hot water. Once Female QD gets warm close bypass and start cleaning, YOU WILL NOTICE WATER START GETTING HOT.
    5. Make sure the bypass ball valve on the front of the machine is turned off if you are using a dual jet wand with a bypass ball valve. If you are cleaning with a hand wand or performing a water extraction where little or no water is being used by the wand, please crack open the ball valve on the front of the machine to keep the water in motion. This way the temp gauge will read and accurate temperature.
    6. When you are going to set the floor wand down for a while (more than a minute) please do not open the bypass ball valve on the wand all the way, rather just crack it open. You and feel when it is open because the stainless steel tubing will get warm. If you open the floor wand bypass valve all the way, you will empty all the steam out of the heaters.
    7. I wanted to let you know that different size spray jets are available for your carpet cleaning wand. By default the wand has 11002 jets installed. We sell 110015 (25% less water and 25% more heat, and 11001 (50% less water and 50% more heat). These jets clean at the same water pressure.
    Remember faster the engine runs hotter the water.

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