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    Question: yeah can you shut the heat and pump off and still vac?
    How many feet of hose can machine handle, single wand and dual wand?
    Last step chemical injection?

    Answer: their are multiple Hornet Stack machines. 45 blower and 47 blower
    45 blower machine are used for about 450 ft single wand and 200 ft dual wand
    47 blower machines will do 500 ft single wand and 250 ft dual wand.
    The machine is are not last step chemical injection. Please not this is done on purpose to descale the heat exchanger as you using your formulated rinse on every job. When you have last step chemical injection, you will still have to descale your truckmount every month even if you use formulated Flush rinse aid on every job.
    The machine does not have a clutch on the pump, but does have a fresh water tank. This will allow you to use the machine on water extractions without hooking the machine to a garden hose. If and when the machine runs out of water the machine will turn itself off.