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    Question: Someone once said that kerosene burner truck mounts are too hot or too aggressive?
    Answer: First of all all kerosene truckmounts have adjustable temp dials on them. The operator has the ability to control the heat. You can use as much or a little heat that you either need or want for each job situation. What is the difference between truck mounts with 190,000 BTU VS 350,000+ BTU? Well the answer is temperature rise as a specified water consumption. During larger water consuming projects, like dual wanding with cement or tile cleaning spinner wands, a 350,000 BTU burner will do a much better job keeping up with the demand. If you where dual wanding with a standard tools carpet cleaning tools (regular flow rate) either style burner would perform just fine. The main difference is the ability to use larger tools like roof cleaning attachments, large surface cement spinners, and dual wand tile and grout cleaning. These are examples of when the larger burner is nice to have at your disposal.

    Question: Is their a point in which carpet cleaning can be too hot?
    Answer: In Oct 1987 DuPont started to push the new 6th generation Stain Master Carpet line. They stated at that time that carpet cleaners should not make the fiber temperature exceed 150 degrees F. SteamWay International (maker of the PowerMatic Truckmount) and got together with Shaw Industries to find out if 230 water temperature at the machine would get the fiber temperature over 150 degrees and if this was stripping of the acid dye resistor technology. Here is what they found out. Most truckmounts loose up to 30 degrees between the heaters and the wand jet and another 10 to 30 degrees is lost (depending on the height of the jet off the carpet). Then this water is mixed with 65 to 75 degree fiber temperature fabric. It takes multiple "up and back" water spraying before the fiber temperature exceeds 150 degrees. Something like a short 7 pass cleaning to really cook the carpet. The high limit restrictions was removed by Shaw Ind after the testing.

    Question: How does the RPM of the engine affect the voltage of the generator?
    1. lower RPM's mean lower voltage and lower hz
    2. 3600 rpm on the generator is 120 volts. The Dragon is on a 5 to 6 pulley ratio. This means that the generator is turning 1/6th faster than the engine. Running the machine at full throttle is fine so after the blower and pumps load the engine, the engine it will slow down a bit.
    3. Running too high rpm is better than to low rpm
    no mechanical issues running the generator at 115 volts (low rpm) instead of 120 volts. Will not hurt the generator but might hurt the equipment that is plugged into the generator once it get two low for extended periods of time.

    Question: Do I need to Ground the Generator?
    Answer: Grounding GFI outlet required using equipment outside of the van
    Ground generator to frame of truck is all that is needed if electricity/appliance is used inside of van (like the burner).
    The water from the building is grounding the pump in the truckmount and grounding the truck to the home.
    A GFCI outlet or cord is required if using to power items outside of the van. If plumbing / water ground is poor then you need to supplement grounding the generator/frame to the home. This can be accomplished by using a 12 gauge wire to the green screw on the replacement male extension cord plug and plug into a customer wall outlet.
    Winco Generatory use rules:
    The Winco Generator used on the Dragon is also used in many other pressure washing rigs and portable power generators.
    The design and use of the Winco generator on the Dragon design has been approved by Dan Call Vice President of Sales of Winco Generators.
    The main rules about grounding. If you have the generator grounded to the vehicle, then you need to use the electricity in the vehicle. If you are going to use the electricity outside of the vehicle, then you need to incorporate a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter. Grounding Requirements for Portable and Vehicle-mounted Generators Under the following conditions, OSHA directs (29 CFR 1926.404(f)(3)(i)) that the
    frame of a portable generator need not be grounded (connected to earth) and that the frame may serve as the ground (in place of the earth): •The generator supplies only equipment mounted on the generator and/or cord- and plug-connected equipment through receptacles mounted on the generator, § 1926.404(f)(3)(i)(A), and •The noncurrent-carrying metal parts of equipment (such as the fuel tank, the internal combustion engine, and the generator’s housing) are bonded to the generator frame, and the equipment grounding conductor terminals (of the power receptacles that are a part of [mounted on] the generator) are bonded to the generator frame, § 1926.404(f)(3)(i)(B). Thus, rather than connect to a grounding electrode system, such as a driven ground rod, the generator’s frame replaces the grounding electrode.

    Question: What safety devices are on the burner?
    Answer: If the burner ignition does not fire, this will not allow fuel to be pumped into the ignition chamber.
    The water has to be in motion to light the burner. (squeeze the trigger on the wand)
    The water temperature must be less than the temperature on the temperature dial the burner to light.
    The engine as an auto shut down preset at 250 degree F.

    Question: If the flow switch where to break could the water temperature continue to escalate?
    Answer: The water temperature would only escalate for a short while but once the water temperature reached the adjustable thermostat it would shut down. Even if the adjustable thermostat was also broken, the 250 degree high limit thermostat would turn he engine off.

    Question: How much diesel fuel spending per one hour The Steambrite's Dragon working with maximum load??
    Answer: I personally found that a 40 hour work week would equate to 20 hours on the hour meter run time. The average week consumed 5 gallons of diesel fuel a week. This is divided up between use on different tools with different flow rates. Each tool will also have different stroke VS non stroke times. Example cleaning carpets might be cleaning stroke 75% of the time VS dry stroke 25% of the time and then factor in moving furniture,... cleaning time stoking time is 50% of run time on the meter. So many different tools from single jet upholstery tools to large cement pressure washing spinners can be used. If two people are using tile cleaning wands at the same time the burner might consume as much as a gallon in one hour if you never let off the triggers.

    Question: How much water ( H2O )spending per one hour working with maximum load?
    Answer: The cleaning tools will dictate the flow rates. The pump can push up to 4.8 gallons per min. (18.167 litres per min.)

    Question: How much (kg) weight and measurements Steambrite's The Dragon?
    Answer: Footprint: 39 W X 46 L X 37 H (99 CM W X 117 cm L X 94 cm H)
    Tank: 40 W X 19 L X 38-1/4 H (102 cm W X 49 cm L X 97 cm H)
    Together they weight 1200 Lbs (complete). (544 Kilograms)

    Question: What is the outgoing Steam Temperature °F and Grade Celsius (simbol: °C), and SteamQuestion:
    pressure BAR ?

    Answer: Up to 250 degree F or 121 C
    Max pressure is 2500 psi or 172 bar.

    Question: How clean has to be the water whos use for pot?
    Answer: I am not sure I know what you mean by pot. As far as the water pressure that you feed into the machine, it is recommended that the water be filtered water and free of trash. As far as the water you drain out of the vacuum recovery tank, it is going to be very dirty based on the amount of dirt the machine can clean off.

    Question: What is the export price (without CSR Value Added Tax) the Steambrite's Dragon?
    Answer: This varies from country to country and can be as high as 25% of the value of the total order without shipping added.

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    Dragon Slayer Truckmount with rear tank or larger version?

    Question: Hi, Just wondering if the blower can be change to a bigger on like root 47 or higher? and also can the waste tank be at the back of the machine not the side due to i would like to put the hoes reel next to the machine.
    also how much warranty dose it come with and how will it working with claims here in Australia is there a disturber here?
    Thanks Kenan

    Answer: We do offer the Dragon Slayer in a 40 hp 47 blower machine
    ...Steambrite MFG 30 Hp Dragon Yellow Multi Use Multi-Surface Truckmount Pressure Washer with Vacuum Recovery 47 Vacuum Blower, SBMDragon, Truck Mounts by Machine, Equipment Carpet Cleaning Machines, by Steambrite MFG,      Whe...

    We do not offer a larger than a 47 blower Slayer other than a custom made machine and this would double the cost.
    We can make the waste tank on the left side or right side of the machine.
    I cannot go on the rear in a standard van because the truckmount combined with the added kerosene / diesel heater makes the frame of the truckmount too long.
    Warranty is posted at
    We only sell and ship direct to your location.