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ProStart Truckmount need bypass wand for Uph?

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  • ProStart Truckmount need bypass wand for Uph?

    Question: I was looking at the ProStart but I'm concerned about using it to do upholstery because it need a by pass valve to keep it from over heating.
    Also does it not fill the wast tank fast because of the by pass valve?

    Answer: The tank does not fill up too fast. The bypass wand is only to be 'cracked' open just enough to keep the water in motion. Do not open the bypass all the way.
    The Prostart truckmount does need a bypass wand on the tool or you can use the bypass that comes installed on the front of the machine. Either of these options will keep the water in motion through the heat exchanger to keep the water from being over roasted. For about the same price we also sell a 16 Hp machine with a fresh water tank.
    The machine does not need a bypass or any bypass tools. The fresh water tank has a spray jet spaying water back into it so this keeps the water in motion. The bypass from the pressure regulator sprays back to the fresh tank and the thermostat from the heater also sprays back to the fresh tank. The fresh tank has a 145 sensor in it to maintain the water temperature inside the fresh tank and the heat exchanger has a thermostate to maintain 235 degrees in the heater coils. Totally automatic temperature system.