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Long run truckmount carpet cleaning machine option

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  • Long run truckmount carpet cleaning machine option

    QUESTION: Dear Sir or Madam,
    I am interested in seting up a Carpet Cleaning Company at overseas location.
    Many years ago I have worked for Stanley Steemer as a Carpet Cleaner and experienced a very good results.
    Now, I have decided to start this bussines at overseas where there is not such establishment at all.

    Main issue is to identify the correct machine for our bussines to start with and that is what I am having trouble with.
    There are few questions that I like to ask;
    Where I plan to start this bussines since the majority of the houses does not use carpet we decided to focus on the Hotels and Bussines establisments where there is a great need for Carpet Cleaning.
    Since our main focus is on the Hotels it will require a LONGER vacuum hose distance.
    For this reason we are first trying to establish the correct machine to be able to get a strong vacuum at a distance of 500-600 ft.
    - What HP machine would provide efficient cleaning vacuum at a distance of 600ft?
    At your internet site there are 4 machines that have attracted me: TM2545, TM3047, TM3047DC and TM4047DC
    But I am not sure which would be efficient enough.
    Although the prices are not much different than one another there is the customs tax issue involved which brings additional cost according to the power and the price of the machine.
    - What unit about the machine represents the vacuuming power of the machine? (CFM-GPM etc)
    - Why should we prefer Steambrite’s Kohler Machine versus other brand?
    - Does Steambrite has such Machine that Works with LPG (Propane)or Diesel instead of Gasoline since the Gasoline price here is 4 times more expensive than US?
    - As I’ve mentioned above; although majority of the houses here does not have Carpet they mostly have Tiles which we will have use for Tile cleaning. Are those machines efficient for Tile cleaning?
    - I know from Stanley Steemer from my experience that they have a very strong vacuum, I like to know what HP or vacuum power they use at their machine? But I know that as the distance increased we lost some vacuum power as I remembered.
    - I have watched the videos at your internet site BUT Please enlighten me about the waste and fresh water tank capacities, why would I prefer higher capacity (50G versus 100G)?
    - When I worked for Stanley Steemer the machines were running off the Van engine, I see that the above mentioned machines are self powered which I believe now adays Stanley Steemer have also changed over to Self powered machines, WHY self powered versus truck powered machines?
    - One other thing is since there is not any such bussines here; we would like to take over the distributor right of your machines which I think would be beneficial for both Steambrite and us.
    I would appreciate for your earliest response since we will start this bussines before the summer starts.

    Best Regards,

    ANSWERS: The last three models you selected will operate 600 ft of hoses. The 47 in the number mean 4007 blower.
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    CFM means Cubic Feet per Minute and is the vacuum rating.
    GPM mean Gallon Per Minute and is a water pump rating.
    We can build you a machine in propane or diesel but we do not stock them. This will require some additional wait time. Please note that the propane engines do not produce as much horse power as gasoline engines. This causes the engine to need to operate a smaller vacuum and / or water pump. Diesel engine truckmounts create at least three problems: diesel engine cost more to purchase, the engine size is larger and requires a design changes to the frame, the transfer or power to blower is different than stock parts and further increases cost.
    We historically have use Kohler engines because we have been able to keep our cost down and pass these savings onto our customers. The reliability with Kohler engines has been the same as Briggs and Honda.
    All our machines can clean tile up to 2000 psi.
    Some of our customer clean lots of empty apartment buildings with water connection that might not be too near by. These customer prefer the 100 gallon fresh water tank so they can clean all day on a tank-full. Everybody else prefers the smaller 55 gallon fresh tank to lighten the load on the vehicle and use less petrol to transport water.
    Most of the Stanley Steemer machine also use the 4005 or the 4007 blower or equivalent. All the Steambrite machines have adjustable vacuum relief systems on them so you can increase or decrease you vacuum with a quick turn of the wrist. This is nice since sometimes you want to lighten the vacuum on upholstery and other delicate fabrics, but can turn it up on dual wand operations.
    Self powered or slide in truckmounts are many, many more time popular. The first reason is cost. Slide in truckmounts cost less to install. I had a customer with a White Magic truckmount and need to change the machine from one van to the other. All the front end parts to change over to the new model van cost over $3500 in parts plus 40 hours of labor to remove and re-install in new van. Please note you pull petrol all the time. While you drive to the job and then at the job. This places a lot of hours on the van engine. A small engine is much easier and cheaper to replace than a van engine. The other issue is the weight factor. Usually van mount or clutch drive machines use dual 100 gallon fresh water tanks. This means you have to install in a 1 ton van or larger. Side in truckmounts will allow for half ton and 3/4 ton vans to be used. This means the van cost less too. The advantage of the clutch drive van powered truckmounted carpet cleaning machine is the noise level. They are much quieter to run (but still loud).
    Distribution of the machines requires multiple machine purchases or sizable investment. Example: container load of equipment and parts. This usually will run $50,000
    What country are you in?

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    QUESTION: There is one subject I would like ask which is; As I have mentioned we are focusing on Hotels with high floors up to 10 th floor.
    Each floor 10ft x 10 floor = 100 ft height + 100 ft extra length to reach to that point =200 ft .
    Yes we know that 30HP with 400 CFM is capable of reaching up to 600 ft as you had mentioned
    There is the height matter and as a physics rule how much would it effect or differ between cleaning a carpet diagonally at a distance of 200 ft versus cleaning a carpet 200 ft height ???
    Once we determine the type of equipment/machine we need we are ready to start shipment and start this business immediately so I would appreciate as many suggestions as you can provide.
    Thank you,
    Best Regards,

    ANSWER: having the cleaning wand elevated over the truck-mount does not reduce its performance any more than horizontal. A truckmounted carpet cleaning machine performs the same at 200 ft up and then 200 ft over as it does at 400 ft horizontal. The reverse is true with elevation that go down hill. Carrying the air and water against gravity hill does restrict it's performance and vacuum boosters should be considered for such situations

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    Vacuum boosters
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