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exhaust glowing red hot OK or not?

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  • exhaust glowing red hot OK or not?

    This is Mark in San Diego. My machine seems to be working well, but I got a concern on my first night job tonight. The pipes were RED HOT. Is that normal? Very red. I ended the job half done because of fear. Now I am thinking it may have been becasue of the dark night and I never noticed the red hot metal because I only ran the motor in the day light. Please advise.

    Dear Mark,
    Yes this is normal and you did probably just not notice until you saw it at night. Engine exhaust is very hot, around 1500 deg F. However the exhaust system on your TM1633 Stainless Mount is Stainless Steel and rated for much higher temps than that. It's good to be cautious but in this case you can finish your job without concern for the glowing exhaust.
    I'm glad you machine is running well!
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